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  1. Greetings, Yesterday (13th of June 2021) we had our first WoE:SE testing session, we're expecting it to stay for a bit until everything is fine tuned for best setting/experience. Before we start talking about possible Treasure Boxes' loot or time, we're looking into fine tune the experience itself which is GvG experience within WoE:SE castle this topic shall be used to get feedback on your experience, bug reports, suggestions, and ideas to improve WoE:SE. that is especially due to fact that official Zero doesn't yet have WoE:SE which means the mechanics itself is not balanced around how different is the current mechanics from a classic Ragnarok server mechanics. during the coming weeks we will be monitoring this thread, applying acceptable suggestions to WoE:SE castle before each session and resetting the owners until we reach an acceptable state, then we will open a different thread to take suggestions on WoE:SE official schedule. Good luck and have fun in WoE:SE we hope that the addition of WoE:SE will spice up the WoE scene a bit!
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