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  1. During this hot patch we've applied the following changes. Fixes Fixed an issue in Alchemist skill "Acid Terror" that caused it elemental modifier to be calculated twice in some cases Fixed monk passive skill "Triple Attack" not having static 30% chance to inflict it effect
  2. We did it! We finally moved away from beta phase to official launch! It took us longer than anticipated but we did it. We would like to once again thank all of beta testers for bearing with us for this long and testing everything! πŸ™‚ Read the changelogs of the launch maintenance: Launch events In prepration to launch we have done the following changes and events. All rankers have their fame points reduced by 50% to give new players a chance to compete. Decay system is also set in place: points decay will happen once every month. Emily will be available in each town to buff players under base level 50, she will be available until 14th of August 2020. Wiki Our amazing volunteers have worked hard in the last month to get the wiki done! While there's still a lot to work on, you can find a lot of information about Project Zero's content in our wiki at (https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com)[https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com] Beta testers costumes Beta testers who had a level 50 or more character in their master account received a Beta Testers Costume Ticket! You can find it in your master storage. The ticket can be exchanged to 3 out of the 9 available costumes: Upper headgear Wandering Minstrel Hat: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5188/creative-convention-hat Rune Helm: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/31160/costume-rune-helm Fox Ears Bell Ribbon: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20262/costume-fox-ear-bell-ribbon Middle headgear Under Rimmed Glasses: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19293/costume-under-rimmed-glasses Shiba Inu: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19291/costume-shiba-inu Falling Leaves: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20154/costume-falling-leaves Lower headgear Eremes Scarf (Black): https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/31057/costume-eremes-scarf-black Test Subject Aura: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20132/costume-test-subject-aura Warg in Mouth: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20071/costume-warg-in-mouth Kingdom guild quests The Kingdom Guild is a set of low-to-mid level content that includes turn-in quests, and special Kingdom equipment that is meant to give you a head start in your Midgard journey. After you change to your first job, you will receive a quest that will lead you to your guild's Coin Commissioner. Talk to them to get your first two Kingdom Guild Coins. Learn more on the kingdom guild quests on (https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Kingdom_Guild)[https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Kingdom_Guild] Changes Same-sex marriage has now been implemented The 90 days cooldown on skill/stat resetter has been restored Greater Minerals option in Thor's Flame has been enabled Added @showexp, @request, @memo to players' commands Fixes Fixed Yoyo Tails regional quest check that caused the said quest to be repeatable The following optioned armors had their options removed from current players and drop rates corrected. It has been proven that in kRO:Zero not all optioned gears/weapons drop at high rate. Prison_Uniform Puente_Robe Wedding_Dress Ragamuffin_Cape Undershirt Cuffs Spiky_Heel Fixed an issue in Ant Hell and Izlude Waterway dungeons that caused parties playing at the same time to interfer with each other's progress Fixed combo Asura Strike showing the skill cursor during combo casting: now it will correctly hit the selected target like the rest of the combo skills Improved Brandish Spear AoE layout: it should now give a more realistic hit area when characters are looking North/South-east and -west. Fixed Fever Field armor elemental resistance to correctly resist monster element instead of attack element Removed Smasher from Earth Petite and moved it to Sky Petite instead, also changed its option group to magic Dead Branch has returned and it shall not spawn monsters which aren't released yet Fixed Morocc Inn NPCs: they're waiting to serve you now! Fixed Acid Terror not carrying weapon element and enabled accuracy checks HD Ores now have the same chance as normal ores. It wasn't otherwise intended and it caused HD Bradium and Cranium to have 0% chance above +10 Important note: During the server time there has been a total of 90 HD Elunium and 45 HD Oridecon more or less. Getting a +10 equipment on normal chances takes around 100 ores (assuming breaking doesn't reduce level or break equipment), therefore even with the double rate of HD ores there cannot be any true impact with this much of HD ores used. What's coming next The smell of undead fever field is raising...
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    Merry meet scotty, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay~
  4. Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters. The time has come this is officially the last major content maintenance for the beta we will in about a week have a second maintenance to fix any bugs discovered and do any further adjustments required later in the day today the 24th of July we will announce the launch date and launch events! πŸ™‚ We're truly thankful for everyone whom joined our journey through the beta and helped us discovering bugs and tune the server to be as close as possible to zero and while we're not yet close to perfect replica of Zero mechanics we're still working constantly to polish and update our mechanics and content. Content Memorial Association Memorial Association offers a greater challenge of dungeons those dungeons introduced new mechanics and challenges for players of level 70 and above it also opens the doors to Grade I gears which is the highest memorial dungeon equipment. The memorial association member can be found at /navi prontera 37/195 Ant hell 1st Floor For level 70+ A gas leak was detected in another dimension of Ant hell help fixing this gas leak defeat Cannibal Maya the mother of ants for rewards and be careful as it AoE can be really harmful for tanks. Izlude waterway For level 80+ A murder scene was discovered in the what known to us as bayalan dungeon collect the clues to figure out what happened in there and defeat the Deepsea Creature to get your rewards, this boss has a lot of mechanics and this dungeons is truly a matter of positioning and strategy, don't try to force your way in as it will only fire back. The sunken ship For level 99 You're on your way to rescue the crew of a sunken ship but unfortunately your efforts were a bit too late the crew has already turned undead and now its a race for your own life. patients and right thinking is the key to finish this dungeon and get rid of Drake also a hidden challenge lays inside the dungeon for extra rewards. Updates Improved Kafra Location in central prontera and added Eden representative Implemented Ranking decay every month all players’ points will decay by 3% Added the rest of gear tiers creation and enchanting in the memorial workshop Added Novice gear exchanger to all first job change locations you can now exchange your novice gears for useful items Added Jello Stone Transmuter you can now convert your jello stones into other jello stones for a zeny fee or gelstars Adjusted Poring Village and Morocc fever field monsters further to match kRO damage Fixes Fixed character storage not allowing character bound items to be stored Fixed character motion delay on Fury and Call Spirit skill Fixed Poring Village Carrot and Leek overwriting the wrong status change Fixed a problem caused newly auto-trade merchants to be removed from the website market view (you will need to relog your auto trader) Fixed an incorrect check caused monsters in renewal builds not getting their base attack calculated you will notice a slight increase in all monsters melee attacks
  5. Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters. This update was focused on bringing QoL fixes and fixes of various other issues. Proxies We've introduced the APAC proxy (Asia Pacific), this proxy server is hosted in Singapore and aims at providing better connection quality to users with unstable or bad routings in Asia, please note that this update might not improve your connection if you're already having good routes or good quality connection it would however mostly improve it to users with major issues in some tests it improved some players by 100ms less ping or giving them much more stable ping. To use this proxy simply chose APAC Proxy during the login process. Fixes Friend list should finally work as intended, some players will have their friend list visible and restored after this update some others might need to re-add their friends.
  6. Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters. This update was focused on bringing new content, update our internal code to latest version of the emulator and fixes of various other issues. Content Prontera Culvert Prontera culvert needs to be cleaned up a bit find the culvert manager at (prt_fild05,265,208) to check out this new instance, the instance comes in both easy and hard mode with easy mode have additional rewards when 7 or more players are finishing it off and hard mode have extra rewards starting from 3 or more players finishing it off. Updates Server main area We have added Kafra to middle prontera (Prontera Fountain) as this will be considred as the main area of the server. Skill global delay changes Swordsman Magnum Break: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds lowered cooldown to 1.7 seconds Acolyte Heal: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds added 0.7 seconds cooldown Increase Agility: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds added 0.7 seconds cooldown Decrease Agility: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds added 0.7 seconds cooldown Aqua Benedicta: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds Signum Crucis: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds added 1.7 seconds cooldown Angelus: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 0.15 seconds fixed cast time Cure: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 0.7 seconds cooldown Priest Resurrection: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds added cooldown of 0, 0.7, 1.7, 2.7 seconds Aspersio: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and added cooldown of 1.7 seconds Kyrie Eleison: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and added cooldown of 1.7 seconds Magnificat: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and added cooldown of 1.7 seconds Gloria: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and added cooldown of 1.7 seconds Lex Divina: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and added cooldown of 2.7 seconds Turn undead: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and added cooldown of 2.7 seconds Lex Aeterna: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and added cooldown of 2.7 seconds Knight Spear Boomerang: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 1 second cooldown Bowling Bash: added 0.3 seconds global cooldown Wizard Sightrasher: Reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 2 seconds cooldown Hunter Blitz Beat: Reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 1 second cooldown. Rouge Backstap: reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds Strip Weapon/Helm/Shield/Armor: Reduced global cooldown to 0.3 and added 1 second cooldown Alchemist Bomb: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 0.5 seconds cooldown Acid Terror: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 0.5 seconds cooldown Aid Potion: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 0.5 seconds cooldown Summon Flora/Summon Marine Sphere: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 0.5 seconds cooldown Weapon/Shield/Armor/Helm Chemical protection: Lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, added 0.5 seconds cooldown Crusader Defending Aura: lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and added 0.8 seconds cooldown Monk Asura Strike: reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds, changed the previous global cooldown to be skill cooldown Dynamic Fields With this update we're introducing the first part of Dynamic fields more dynamic fields will be released with the release of later fever fields. Please keep in mind that dynamic field monsters spawn in random area in the map* prt_fild02 Killing 50 Lunatic would spawn Eclipse prt_fild04 and prt_fild07 Killing 200 Rocker would spawn 1 Vocal gef_fild01 Killing 50 Roda Frog would spawn 1 Toad moc_fild03 Killing 50 Wolf would spawn 1 Vagabond Wolf pay_fild04 Killing 200 Porings would spawn 1 Mastering Killing 3 Masterings would spawn 1 Angeling Killing 100 Porings, 100 Poporings, 100 Drops and 100 Marins would spawn 1 Ghostring Killing 3 Ghostring would spawn 1 Deviling xmas_fild01 200 Marins would spawn 1 Arc Angeling Fixes Chef Assistant is now available in prontera as expected MVP Experience has been corrected to reflect latest renewal changes Kafra master storage selection has been moved back to be after Open storage option to help with the confusion Fixed baby savage taming item "Sweet Milk" incorrectly set to tame Savage instead Fixed Memorial Dungeon enchanter incorrectly eating items without enchanting them, its safe now we fed him well. Fixed an error in guild storage permission checks allowed items to be stored in guild storage when the guest permission is not allowed and instead eaten the item. Fixed a problem where evolved pets would spawn with 0 intimacy resulting in them being lost Fixed a problem where item skills (Like yggdrassil leaves) would require consuming blue gemstones
  7. Those are so cute, I especially like the second one in the last row!
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    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay 😊
  9. Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters. Changes Memorial Dungeon rewards We have implemented a few changes that will make running the Memorial Dungeons more rewarding. Some of these changes are official behavior, while others are custom. Easy Mode rewards have been adjusted as follows: In a party of 1~6 players, you have a chance to receive 0~2 of each gear drop (current behavior) With a party of 7+ players, you can receive 1~3 of each gear drop Hard Mode rewards now scale up smoothly with the size of your party Starting with the third players, every additional party member adds a 10% increase to the rewards at the end That means that a party of two will receive the exact same rewards as before A full party of twelve will receive twice as many item drops at the end (200%) Other changes Regular monsters on Fever Fields now have a chance to drop Mithril Ore Fever Field MVPs have a high chance of droppping up to 2 Mithril Ore Content Crafting Memorial Gear A mysterious craftsman has been spotted in the Memorial Crafting Workshop (near the Prontera west Kafra). You might want to talk to him about crafting Hard Mode Accessories. It is rumoured that these special accessories can even be refined. He can craft the following accessories: Cursed Emerald Earrings (15 Cursed Emerald, 10 Mithril) Glittering Opal Earrings (15 Shiny Opal, 10 Mithril) Blue Oath Ring (15 Sea Sapphire, 10 Mithril) Red Union Ring (15 Bloody Ruby, 10 Mithril) The required gemstones are rewards from the Hard Mode instances of Memorial Dungeons like Orc's Memory. But keep in mind that at this point in time, you can only obtain Cursed Emeralds. Enchanting Memorial Gear The Memorial Crafting Workshop is now also home to various people from Midgard's Enchanter Association, who can help you enchant your Memorial Dungeon gear. Enchanting a "clean" item costs 100,000 Zeny and has a 100% success chance. Level of refinement and existing cards will be maintained. If you would like to get a different enchantment, you will need to reset the existing one first. This costs 200,000 Zeny and is also 100% safe. The Grade of the gear will affect how many enchantments it can receive. Grade IV (Subjugation) and Grade III (Expedition) get 1 enchantment, Grade II (Guardian) gets 2 enchantments, and Grade I (Conqueror) gets 3 enchantments. Possible enchantments include +1~+2 on basic stats, DEF, MDEF, CRI, FLEE and MaxHP. When enchanting an armor that is refined to +9 or higher, you have a chance to receive a special enchantment called Job Essence. There are various Job Essences for all First and Second Jobs, and they contain very special bonuses that you don't want to miss out on! When you are enchanting an armor that is eligible for receiving a Job Essence enchantment, it makes sense to talk to a particular Enchant Staff NPC. One of them is specifically trained to apply First Job Essences (Mage, Thief, ...), while another one focuses on Second Job Essences (Knight, Priest, ...). We are working hard on getting a Wiki up and running so we can document all these mechanics for you in much greater detail. Stay tuned for updates! Blacksmith Forging Blacksmiths are now able to forge new Zero-exclusive weapons! Each weapon type now also includes a new forgeable weapon for y'all to try out. The materials for each of these are 15 Steel, 16~22 Oridecon, 2 Mithril Ore, and Zero-specific stone catalyst like a Jello Stone or a Hard Mode gemstone. The nine new weapons are: Shining Sword Exquisite Dagger Indigo Sword Sunset Buster Emerald Axe Sapphire Scepter Bloody Knuckle Twilight Spear Chaos Lance Fixes Nightmare now correctly drops Damascus with random options Fixed Poring Village Carrot and Poring Village Leek interfering with Concentration Potion Lower grade Memorial Dungeon accessories can no longer be refined Fixed Sage Free Cast skill bonus now it will give 100% movement speed and ASPD at level 10 Fixed Galim and Otine from prontera regional quests they should now delete requested items as expected Fixed Cart Revolution not ignoring targets flee
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    Hello, welcome to you and your friend! Did you join our discord server yet? πŸ‘€
  11. Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters. Bard and Dancer skill rebalance The performer classes have received a significant revamp of all songs and dances. Songs and dances are now party-wide buffs that are generally applied in a 31x31 range around the performer and last for 60 seconds. The effects of performance skills are no longer depending on the stats of the performer and now also affect the performing player. Ensemble skills need the two performers to be within 9x9 range of each other. After casting an ensemble skills, both performers suffer from Ensemble Fatigue for 30 seconds, slowing down their movement speed and attack speed, as well as blocking them from using other skills. Lastly, a player can have up to one song, one dance, and one ensemble buff active at the same time. Other skill changes Adaptation to Circumstances: Buff that reduces SP cost of performance skills by 20% Music Lessons: Increases MaxSP by 1% per level Increases ASPD by 1% per level Dance Lessons: Increases CRI by 1 per level Increases ASPD by 1% per level Memorial Dungeons With this patch we are adding our first proper Memorial Dungeon: Orc's Memory. This is a Level 60+ instance that you can attempt daily. Alongside this new instance we are also introducing a first set of Memorial Dungeon gear, sometimes referred to as Expedition Gear. Orc's Memory If you are ready to face the Fake Orc Hero in this new instance, speak to the Mad Scientist at gef_fild10 (238,202). Bringing a party of Level 60+ players is advised! The instance can be attempted in two modes: Easy Mode and Hard Mode. Easy Mode is your best choice to get a feeling for the instance, but also yields more Subjugation gear, the first tier of Memorial Dungeon gear. Hard Mode offers a variety of loot, including materials to upgrade your MD gear to the next tier. But be warned, Hard Mode should not be taken lightly! Note: The number of players in the party does not have any effect on the rewards at the end. Upgrading Memorial Dungeon Gear The Adventurer's Guild has setup a new Memorial Dungeon workshop to help process all these new materials and gear that you can find. You can access the workshop through a new portal near the East Prontera Kafra. Stone Refiner The Stone Refiner is specialized in the Jello Shards that you can find in the Poring Village instance. If you bring 5 Jello Shards of the same kind to the Stone Refiner, he can condense them into a Jello Stone. This process takes 24h, but you can speed up the process by paying 250,000z to get it immediately. Gear Enhancer The Gear Enhancer can take Memorial Dungeon gear and upgrade it to the next tier. For example, you can bring him the Subjugation gear from Orc's Memory, which is Grade IV, and upgrade it to Grade III gear. This will also require certain number of Shimmering Crystals, which drop in Memorial Dungeons, and Jello Stones. Other changes and fixes Added the missing Great Nature to the Thor's Flame list of Greater Mineral combinations Removed the animation delay from the Assassin's Sonic Blow skill as intended Fixed Sage's Autospell list to show all 9 available skills
  12. Aradia


    Hello JackFrost! Firstly, you can report bugs in Project Zero's bug and suggestion tracker over at GitLab: https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker as it eases the developers' workflow! You need an account but it's quite easy to use and there even are templates you can follow. Regarding your reports: 1- Dead Branches are currently disabled since it would spawn mobs that aren't implemented/accessible yet. 2- Feel free to note the maps where those are missing and report them on GitLab. 3- The selling prices are adjusted according to kro:zero's ones, thus it's not a bug. Thanks for reporting though, we appreciate it ^_^ Good luck and have fun on Project Zero!
  13. Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters. This update was focused on bringing fixes to recently released content, QoL updates and slight content changes Quality of Life Character storage Account storage has been replaced with character storage, we have moved the current account storage to the highest level/highest class character in your account. This update will allow players to collect as many items as they wish, and it's especially useful for guilds. Each character storage will offer 600 slots just like a normal account storage. Master storage Master storage has been implemented. Unlike Account storage, which is suppressed by character storage, now it's shared among all your game accounts, allowing smooth movements of items between game accounts. Guild storage Guild storage is a stable feature in private servers, as such it's now implemented and it can be accessed from all kafras. Guild leaders can assign access permission through the positions list. Monster Database We have introduced a fully featured monster database available now at our control panel and can be accessed through https://cp.playragnarokzero.com/monster/ Item database We have introduced a fully featured item database available now at our control panel and can be accessed through https://cp.playragnarokzero.com/item/ Vendors and Buying stores We have introduced a fully features market database available now at our control panel and can be accessed through https://cp.playragnarokzero.com/market/. This database will show both vendors and buying stores, their items, place in map etc. we also introduced @whosells in-game command which does a simple search for items in market you can also use @navshop to navigate to a specific shop if you don't want to get lost! Also auto traders will now expire after 7 days this to clean up space and get rid of dead ones. Auto commands We have introduced auto commands you can now set up to 10 commands to be executed whenever you log in game. You can set those by whispering to NPC:AutoCommands Show rare We have introduced a new command: @showrare , which can be set to show a special announcement and effect on your character if an item with specific rate or lower and/or specific count of options dropped or autolooted. Play time We have introduced a new @playtime command which will show you for how long you've been online in-game! This can be seen in control panel as well. Refine UI We have introduced the new refine user interface this can be accessed by talking to any of the current refine NPCs this will allow you to refine items easily without all the awkward NPC dialogs and doesn't require you to be able to wear this specific item. Content EXP Table We've changed to a new exp table, this new exp table follows the last known exp table before trans update its not custom one and it follows a different experience curve, the older exp table had a 25% growth level on level starting from level 1 while the new one has 7 ~ 7.5% growth from 1 to 79 and 17 ~ 25% onward with a total of roughly 430 million in total this means leveling now up to 80 is a lot easier than previously but from this point on it will be harder this new curve will allow new players to easily catch up while giving them a good challenge reaching highest levels. For this we also adjusted all players levels most players has gained new levels while higher level players might have lost few levels, the following table show the exact increase or decrease in levels assuming you're at 0% EXP if you have already some experience towards next level you may gain more levels. Considering the huge change in experience requirements we have also lowered experience penalty to 3% from 10%. Old level New Level 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 2 4 3 5 4 6 5 7 6 8 7 9 8 10 9 11 10 12 11 13 12 14 13 15 14 16 15 17 16 18 18 19 19 20 20 21 21 22 22 23 23 24 24 25 25 26 26 27 27 28 29 29 30 30 31 31 32 32 33 33 34 34 35 35 36 36 38 37 39 38 40 39 41 40 42 41 43 42 44 43 46 44 47 45 48 46 49 47 50 48 51 49 52 50 54 51 55 52 56 53 57 54 58 55 59 56 60 57 62 58 63 59 64 60 65 61 66 62 67 63 68 64 70 65 71 66 72 67 73 68 74 69 75 70 76 71 78 72 79 73 80 74 81 75 81 76 82 77 83 78 83 79 84 80 84 81 85 82 86 83 86 84 87 85 87 86 87 87 88 88 88 89 89 90 89 91 90 92 90 93 91 94 91 95 91 96 92 97 92 98 93 99 93 Poring Village Poring village is now in you can access this new instance to farm jello fragments which can later be turned into jello stones thus will later be used to create and upgrade various gears so start hunting now. This instance is accessible for players from level 30 to 60 and cooldown resets every day at 4am server time every player can get up to 2 jello fragments in single run and for each unique player in the instance the rewards doubles for example if the instance is done with a full unique party you can get between 12 ~ 24 fragments per run, every day drops specific type of jello which can later be combined into jello stones. Every 5 jellos can be combined into 1 jello stone it takes 24 hours to finish combining them and you can speed up this process instantly by either spending 250k zeny or 1 Gelstar. The poring village entrance can be found at prt_fild05,145,235 for first timers you will receive a special low headgear which can be later enchanted using the NPC found at prt_fild05,174,238. The jello fragments combiner can be found in the memorial workshop accessible through Prontera at prontera,50,227 Thor's Flame Thor's flame is a new exchange NPC allows you to exchange normal refine ores into enriched or HD ones also exchanging some trash into more valuable materials. Refine ores Material Exchange fee Out material 1 Oridecon 500,000 Zeny or 1 Gel star 1 Enriched Oridecon 1 Elunium 500,000 Zeny or 1 Gel star 1 Enriched Elunium 1 Enriched Oridecon 1,000,000 Zeny or 4 Gel stars 1 HD Oridecon 1 Enriched Elunium 1,000,000 Zeny or 4 Gel stars 1 HD Elunium 1 Bradium 1,500,000 Zeny or 5 Gel stars 1 HD Bradium 1 Cranium 1,500,000 Zeny or 5 Gel stars 1 HD Cranium Minerals exchange Lesser Minerals For 5 Iron or 5 Iron Ore you can exchange them randomly to one of those items 2x Phracon 1x Emveretarcon 1x Steel 1x Elunium Ore 1x Oridecon Ore Intermediate Mineral (Disabled currently) For 5 Steel or 5 Coal you can exchange them randomly to one of those items 2x Elunium Ore 2x Oridecon Ore 3x Elunium 3x Oridecon 1x Gold Greater Mineral (Elemental Stones) For 3 Elunium or 3 Oridecon you can exchange them randomly to one of those items 3x Red blood 3x Crystal Blue 3x Wind of Verdure 3x Yellow Live 1x Flame Heart 1x Mystic Frozen 1x Rough Wind Basic jewels For 7 Elunium or 7 Oridecon you can get a random basic jewel: 1 ~ 2x Garnet 1 ~ 2x Amethyst 1 ~ 2x Emerald 1 ~ 2x Pearl 1 ~ 2x Ruby 1 ~ 2x Sardonyx 1 ~ 2x Opal 1 ~ 2x Topaz 1 ~ 2x Zircon 1 ~ 2x 2 Carat Diamond 1 ~ 2x Aquamarine Special jewel exchange You can exchange 2 of one special jewel for one random special jewel. Also has a chance to change into Gold or an Emperium Anvil. The qualifying special jewels are as follows: Olivine Phlogopite Agate Muscovite Rose Quartz Turquoise Citrine Pyroxene Skill Balances Bard/Dancer Musical Strike / Throw Arrow Now it deals 2 hits and attack ratio changed to 10 + 40 * skill level% ATK, Fixed Cast time is removed and Cast time lowered to 0.5 seconds and 0.3 seconds global cooldown added. Alchemist Cannibalize The attack of summoned monsters has been highly improved and Parasite can now do double attacks Changes Search results in-game from @ii/@mi and similar has been reduced back to 5 results, please use the website database. Autotrade is now only available inside cities If a player tries to kill steal a monster a new visual effect of a shield will show up on the monsters for the KSer only Fixes Kill steal protection should now work as expected Sea Witch Foot, Battle Hook and Koronos is no longer wearable by non-trans classes and no longer dropped, the items will be kept with the users to be used when trans later release. Fixed Infinity Drink effect now it correctly increase magical and physical attacks, enables no cast cancelation and increases maxp HP and SP as expected Hunter traps weight corrected to 0.2 and Blue/Yellow/Red Gemstones to 0.1 Corrected Orcish and Oak mace dropped options to be in magic pool, previously dropped items won't be rerolled. Backstap will no longer attack if it's not possible to slide behind enemies Backstap will now slide in PvP environment maps Desert Frilldolars element has been fixed to earth 2 Increased attack on normal and boss monsters options should now correctly increase the attack damage rate Guild expansion now correctly adds 4 slots per level guilds with members more than 56 have all of their members kicked and they will have to re-invite Trunk drops has been added back to Elder Willow Fury status has been corrected to only decrease SP regeneration by 50% instead of disabling it Asura strike shall no longer stop SP regeneration for 5 minutes Bowling bash shall no longer attack unreachable monsters Dragonology will now give +1 int per skill level learned Neutral element resistance has been removed from fever shoes and re-rolled into formless tolerance Hylozoist Card has been temporary disabled until fixed Harcy NPC would no longer allow to keep repeating of the banana quest Fixed Increase agility not giving ASPD modifier as expected Fixed teleport skill teleporting into NPCs (specifically warps)
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