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  1. Bump, still looking for members in all areas of the game ❤️
  2. Not gonna lie to you, alch is not a good starting character and generally has very limited areas it's good at. Mainly: WoE and soloing MDs. What are you planning to use it for? That'll help with giving advice.
  3. Consumables to add (based on character) - either given via NPC or via currency gained from matches: - Concentration/Awakening/Berserk Potion - Blue/Yellow/Red Gemstone - Acid Bottle/Bottle Grenade/Plant Bottle/Glistening Coat - Ninja Magic Stones - anything else I might have missed that characters might need to do stuff Changes to matches: - move the NPC somewhere more visible/easily accessible - NPC should heal you at the beginning of a round - lower minimum amount of players needed to start a match (3v3?) - make maximum open-ended and allow players to jump in in the middle of a match instead of having to wait - make death match more than one round, currently a match is over in less time than the cooldown to enter the next one :v - remove the 5min cooldown - enable Snap? - add more modes (I know this is planned 😛) - add @joinbg so people can queue while doing other things and get warped in when the minimum player amount is reached - randomly assign teams automatically rather than having to join a chat room and juggling who's where Also, apparently the movement speed buff from CT mid + CTM card doesn't work, not sure if intended. This feedback was brought to you by...
  4. Hallelujah, the forums are back online! Of course you can! As the initial post says, just hop on Discord 🙂
  5. Just hop on our Discord like it says in the initial post 😉
  6. Hello everyone! I’m going to keep it brief because I know you all want to get to the content quickly - I’m Steph, I’ve been playing on PZ since the first day of beta and hopefully I can answer a lot of questions that new players have. I know all the new Zero stuff can seem daunting, especially if you haven’t played on Renewal mechanics before, but it shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of it! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h1LSQpzn-25TPploxO8WtQWGMIq6Zjj8-HEB-zbv5MA/edit?usp=sharing If I've missed anything or you feel something could be clearer, please do let me know ❤️
  7. We are! Just hop on our Discord and ask for an invite :)
  8. You'd be better off suggesting this on gitlab, where the devs actually read it 😛 https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues
  9. Hi there! People generally don't visit the forums much (me included), so if you're still interested in joining SQ, just hop on our Discord 🙂
  10. Did you try on Discord? No one really checks the forums tbh, except for very specific things like guild recruitment.
  11. If you haven't found a guild yet, we'd gladly take you in 🙂
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