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  1. We still have lots of space for new members! ❤️
  2. Hi there! SideQuest is a guild that has existed on three other servers before this - we do a bit of everything really, not sure if we'll do WoE this time around though. If you want a chill community that does a bit of everything, give us a go! And even if you don't want to actually join the guild, feel free to join our Discord anyway 🙂 more people to chat with are always good! We do have a few requirements: a decent grasp of English, as that will be needed to communicate with everyone; we're a social bunch being respectful of other people and generally following the server's rules being social (i.e. actually talking to other members), because why even join a guild otherwise? 😉 using Discord actively and checking mentions regularly, because that's where the voice chat, guild-specific announcements and general shenanigans are happening joining our Discord at https://discord.me/sidequest (note: this link only works in your browser, not Discord itself); ask for a guild invite in the RO category and we'll get it sorted What you can expect from us: guild parties as often as possible, once we get going lots of fun on voice and text chat with guildies (and if you want to join in on non-RO things, other community members as well) a Discord server about more than just RO (though it's all neatly categorised for easy muting of other things) - other games, various media, whatever you can think of really a generally laidback and helpful community of ~240 members who play other games you might like as well 🙂 See you all ingame! ❤️
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