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  1. If I may, I'd like to add my 2 cents. I'm with Virtuous (AKA "Panda") guild and EST time zone, full disclosure. It's impossible to accommodate an entire server of international players with a convenient WoE time. My suggestion is simple and I'm sure it's been brought up in the past. One day should accommodates the western hemisphere and the other day accommodates the eastern hemisphere. With each having a stronger incline to the highest populated demographic active on the server in that hemisphere. Just an example: Saturday 1PM and Sunday 1AM, both server time. Slightly adjusting the time to accommodate the most highly populated demographic and trying to maintain a fair 12 hour difference for a more fair split. I live on NA EST and I play mostly with SEA because of my schedule. It's impossible to please everyone which is why a simple break in half in hemispheres is possibly the most fair and simple solution with minor adjustments to account for highly populated demographics. https://discord.com/channels/653159882735747072/775134760867332107/780146365358538823
  2. Times - My opinion, I'd say Keep Saturday and make Sunday later around 1am GMT (Server Time). Saturday is good for me. I am USA EST. I wake up early and ready to roll. Sunday is in the middle of my day and is more difficult to attend. However, consider Sunday time being a little later as it is intended for NA time zones and its in the middle of the day for EST and even worse for PST which is lunch time. Castles - For now, I feel two PER WOE is enough. The addition of castles should be considered by the number of guilds and their active member count during WoE times, not total member count. Treasure Drops - Drops seem fine. I'd say add some Guild Coins to the drop table. I understand more will be added in time and that's fine. We just need to make sure the castle treasures are worth the investment to WoE. Once we have the permanent WoE schedule set and it's flowing nicely, then we approach the adding new treasure drops. SOME EXTRAS for WOE- No Costumes - No Mounts - NO Dual Clients on WoE maps Add Master Storage to Castle Kafra
  3. Thank you Ema, I appreciate the clear response.
  4. Recruiting: Chill, laidback, active, members within the Miami, FL (GMT-5) time zone. ❤️
  5. Hello, I left my merch vending with auto trade for a while only to realize now that someone logged in on my spot, set up a vend on top of mine, and made my shop unclickable and blocked it completely from sight as well. Just bringing this to your attention for correction. Thanks.
  6. Hello, This topic is mainly for me to ask a question to the GM team, but may also serve as information for others in doubt. I have two kids who are 6 years old. I always make them each an account and lvl with them for some "family gaming nights". From my understanding, we are penalized for being in a party together on the same master account. Naturally, this leads me to wanting to make them each their individual master account. However, I don't want to create an unnecessary negative scenario or cause a ban according to the terms of the server. Can a GM please advise? Thanks.
  7. I noticed there's a bank here. Is there any sort of possible implementation mimicking a stock market? Some potential investments can be a total money sink where others can make a poor player rich and a rich player wealthy. Just curious; Thanks.
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