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  1. Objective: Help members gear up and create the end-game characters they want. Run frequent MD Parties, Leveling Parties, Leeching Parties and MvP Hunts. Compete in WoE FE. Be active, social and have fun. Foster a friendly and non-toxic environment for WoE and PVM. How do we help our Members? Running Quick and Simple MD runs We are currently running quick MD runs with Knight+Sage duo allowing us to have a static and reliable team to run MDs daily. Help with Conq Sets and General Helms We are currently selling Conq Items to guild members at half the market rate. Roughly 13m at the time of writing this post. We are also selling Knotted Letters (item used to make General's Helm) at just 1m/letter to members. Unlimited Advice for members Really Good Guild is home to vets for both PvM and PvP, if you have questions ask away. Access to cheap refine materials Really Good Guild currently holds a castle - the treasure box of this castle drops a plethora of refine materials, QoL items and food buffs. All of these are available with a priority to guild members at a 20% discount. We host events to spice it up Abracadabra parties, DB parties and more - there's lot of avenues to have fun at Really Good Guild. How to join? DM me on Discord sama#6862
  2. Everything went smoothly apart from a couple of crashes for our ECaller. Sadly we did not copy the after crash report. As for Mechanics, please temper all changes to Barricade and Guardian Stone HP with the understanding that increasing their HP directly scales up defenders advantage in SE. Winning a GvG encounter should grantee a broken barricade or Guardian Stone. Let's also consider turning up the repair cooldown on Guild Stones to 8 minutes. Current cooldown allows for 11 repairs per WoE Session. Lastly, thank you for implementing WoE SE, everyone appreciates the effort put into it! It is quite enjoyable as well.
  3. Greetings, We have been playing a few rounds of BGs daily for a couple of days now. I've put together a small list of pain points that we would like to see hot-patched. Nothing major. -Remove 30s cooldown after a game, or reduce it to 10 seconds. -Possible change the current map for a smaller alternative. -Current map has a very high contrast ratio, making it difficult to see certain spells and effects. (Dispel, Spirit Spheres, etc) could this be changed? -The Hit box for Nurse NPC is buggy and players can spam it multiple times to make it disappear before everyone has had a chance to heal. -Is it possible to change the overhead icons for both teams to something more distinguishable? The blue/red outlines on the swords is not easy to catch. -For the full release can we perhaps disable costumes or find a way to nullify certain effects like Shrink and White Body. -Can we reduce prep time to 30s total. Instead of 30s + some change. Thank you. Sama ps. really enjoying the BG bgm. ^_^
  4. Welcome to the Lava Economy! Gone are the days of toiling for hours at Niff for a measly 2m per hour. The introduction of Magma allows players to farm upwards of 4m per hour by selling loot to NPCs! Perhaps you are new to the server and wonder ‘Why is this important?’ Well Billy it’s because almost every piece of equipment on the server requires refining, and refining costs zeny. A lot of zeny. Simple as that. In this doc I will share a cheap and efficient route for those starting from scratch to level, gear and start farming Magma 2. Pre-requisites Before moving forward, I implore you to read and bookmark the following pages on the Project Zero Wiki to familiarize yourself with the changes introduced with Zero. https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Zero https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Random_Options https://wiki.playragnarokzero.com/wiki/Weapon_Materials Furthermore to follow along with this guide you will need Knight - Your farmer Priest - To buff and warp the Knight Merchant - To Overcharge the loots to a NPC, and act as a pack mule inside Magma Dungeon. Please note that all of these characters must be on separate in-game separate accounts. [Under one master account!] Builds Thanks to cards like Earth Deleter and Sky Deleter now being available, Bowling Bash Knight is undoubtedly the cheaper and more efficient farmer for semi-easy maps like Magma 2. Skill Build: Swordsman Knight Stat Build: Unlike Skill Builds, Stats are rather flexible and need to be customised to best suit your gear + preferences. I will give you the gist behind each stat and recommend a number you can aim for. Strength [STR]: STR is your primary damage stat! Your damage directly scales with the amount of STR you have. Aim to have at least 80 STR. Agility [AGI]: AGI gives Flee. And Flee is your best friend when farming any mobby map. Aim to have at least 70 or more AGI at level 99. Keep in mind that most of your flee will come from gears, even so do not skimp on adding AGI. Vitality [VIT]: VIT is generally overlooked on Knight simply because of its incredible HP pool and the wonderful skill - Increase HP Recovery. You can run 1 VIT. Intelligence [INT]: INT is also usually overlooked in farming builds. Most Knights will be running Earth Deleter (disabling SP regen) and chugging Syrups for SP restoration. Leave it at 1. Dexterity [DEX]: DEX gives HIT which allows you to ‘hit’ monsters. Simple. Aim to get at least 380 HIT with 2 Hand Quicken Active. If you find it difficult to hit this number, also factor in Blessing from a Priest Alt. Try to get around 50 DEX. Luck [LUK]: LUK is a catch all stat that gives you a little bit of everything. Every 3 points of LUK gets you 1 ATK, 1 MATK, 1 HIT and some status resistance. Try to get 30 LUK. Gear and How to get it Headgear The best budget headgear for farming Magma2 is Sleeper Hat. You can farm it easily from Sleeper or buy from other players in bulk. Aim to get one to +7 before you start farming. Don’t worry about the card as a beginner. For refining, you can test your luck with normal Elunium or Enriched Elunium. However I suggest buying a +7 one outright from other players. Armor: Just about any Armor with options for STR and ATK will suffice for this operation. Bonus points for finding one with MDEF as the mobs in Magma2 love using Fireballs, Fire Wall and Soul Strike. For the card, you can pick between Earth Deleter or Sky Deleter. I personally use Earth Deleter for SP, but know that Sky Deleter is also an option. Weapon: You are looking for a Two-Handed Sword with Large and Demon Options. For beginners you can farm it yourself from Dustiness. Refine it to +5 and add Strouf (damage) or Santa Poring (Damage) and Diabolic (SP Leech) cards. Garment: Try to get yourself a Muffler/Hood/Manteau with 15+ ATK and 20+ Flee. For beginners you can slot a Yao Jun Card (15 Flee) as a cheaper alternative to Whisper (20 Flee). If you manage to get your hands on a high-roll garment - 18+ ATK and 28+ Flee consider saving up for Whisper. You can farm Mufflers without much gear at Payon Dungeon 4 from Sohee. Boots: For boots you have two options. Loli Ruri Shoes or Lava Leather Shoes. Keep Checking the Vending Page and try to get a pair with Flee. 10+ will do. For cards, your options are rather limited. If you come across a Verit or Martyr card - feel free to slot it into your boots. Accessory: There are plenty of options for Accessories. I suggest taking a look at the ones linked below and pick what is available to you. Thief Handcuffs Dullahan Glove Subjugation Ring For cards you need a Creamy Card to teleport around the map. And for the 2nd accessory you can use Alligator if you want more resistance, or Mantis for damage. Sample Gear Sets Common Questions and Misc. Tips I am new to the game, where should I farm? Drillers. NPC everything. Maybe sell the Gemstones to other players. Keep or sell the extra Mantis cards. How do I warp to Magma2? You cannot directly warp to Magma2, and the field next to its entrance has MvP mobs. So it cannot be Memo’d for Warp. You save a warp at the north portal of Yuno Field 7. Ask any player on #support to pass you the warp. Look at the video below for more Autocommands you should be using: @autoloot @arealoot @channel leave #main Drop Loot List @droploot +26022 @droploot +525 @droploot +18181 @droploot +26153 @droploot +994 @droploot +28757 @droploot +509 Please note that this list is preference. Look at each item and decide if you want to loot it or not. What do I use to restore HP / SP? Syrups! In Zero you have access to high efficiency potions with cooldowns. So you cannot chug them quickly like regular potions. However the upside is that they are relatively cheap and heal a LOT! Bonus: Video https://youtu.be/riJ0eigvJ80
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