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  1. Hey. The Forum is basically "dead". You should better ask at discord or even ingame via #support or #main.
  2. I managed to solve the Text issue with some Winetricks tweeking. The fonts are a bit weird though... maybe an unoffical korean font pack? Also cant get past this resolution. Everything larger shows a blackscreen. __________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: This is the best I could get. It works perfectly, I didn't had any issues so far. If anyone has a solution to the font problem, feel free to post your thoughts 🙂
  3. Hey guys. I finally got Project Zero running on Linux (Pop_Os! - an Ubuntu Distro) But somehow the Text or Fonts are not working properly Ingame (See Attached Screenshots). I Installed all Corefonts and vc6, vc2008 etc. The Game itself is perfectly playable but just the text and fonts are missing ingame as seen in the Screenshots. Wine and Winetricks are updated, as the OS is. Anyone here got a solution ? Best Regards, Kyohai
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