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  1. scarscad


    I always do that HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA more people plish uwu 😉
  2. scarscad


    Henlooo guysss ❤️ I am Sorine. I'm new to the server but not new to Zero Mechanic. My friend invited me to join here hahahaha A.K.A Emeeazy so I give it a try 😂 well I kinda enjoy it and invited some of my friends to join hahahaha we are a lot now including Jazzy 💕 and many more people to come 😂😂 cause I like to kidnapped them hahahhahaha jk. I hope this server grow so that more people can join instances and dungeon @>@ also the fever maps. P.S. Don't Mind us as we kidnapped more people right? @jazd801
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