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Found 2 results

  1. Im new to Ragnarok. Not exactly new new. I played a very long time ago in my late teens, bumbled around, understood nothing, but still had a good time. Got 1 character transcended, and was kind of done. I saw this server pop up in my feed from a youtuber called munbalance, and figured I'd give it a shot since he seemed to speak highly of it. At any rate, like the title says. I want to make a crusader/paladin. It SOUNDS cool. I like religious knights in games. Sources say its tanky, but something called renewal made it less so. Which is fine. Sounds like everything is DPS all the time for most classes. I don't care. I just think it sounds neat. So....HOW DO I BUILD IT!? If its not too much, I'd like to know skills, stats, AND gear and ?cards? But if the gear is too much i understand. I'd at least like to know skills and stats. I remember how unforgiving the game was if you don't know what your build is. Thanks for your help. Enjoy the poring soup.
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