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Suggestions guidlines

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Greetings Everyone,

These suggestions guidelines come in as a result of suggestion #33, which caused enormous drama both in-game and on discord, other than an awful time for everyone from the staff to the players debating it.

Additionally, we would like to apologize for having made a hasty decision to implement arealoot, which is too big of a change to be implemented this fast. As such, we decided to publish these new guidelines and revert the changes until the discussion has met these new qualifications.

1- Where to discuss and debate suggestions

Our GitLab tracker is the only place to discussand debate suggestions and feedback. The reasoning behind choosing GitLab over other available platforms is the following:

  1. Discord is a place for instant messaging. It's not an archive nor a place where a single topic can be seamlessly discussed, it also doesn't integrate well with our development environment.
  2. The forum is generally fine for discussing topics, but it's not often checked by developers and will never be. It also doesn't integrate with our development environment and would require additional work on our part to manage both platforms.
  3. GitLab simply integrates with our development environment. Opening new issues or commenting doesn't require any technical knowledge, it's as simple as opening a new topic on the forum or any similar platforms like Reddit.

With this explained, GitLab simply is supreme compared to other options we have.

2- Suggestions flow and decisions

Flow and Conditions of suggestions

  1. New suggestions that are based on older suggestions, without any new rationale or challenge  to the previous decision will be considered a duplication and closed on the spot.
  2. New suggestions should always have full explanation of the suggestion, rationale behind it, expected effects on the server both on the long and short term and full reasoning and research behind it, otherwise it would not be considered serious and aced by the staff with no further discussion.
  3. Once a suggestion fulfill the previous points, it's now up to debate by the community. Each suggestion should be debated for a minimum of 14 days period since initial time of opening the GitLab issue. Comments should be reserved for challenges of the suggestions, aiding comments should only be added if a person wants to add more and new aiding points to the original suggestion.
  4. Challenging comments should come with reasoning otherwise they will be hidden and not considered by the staff.
  5. Staff reserves the right to extend the discussion as seen fit, for any period.
  6. It's player responsibility to gather community members around his suggestions. If a suggestion is not challenged, aided or discussed at all by whatever populations and not seen acceptable by the staff, the suggestion would be considered abandoned after the initial grace period of 14 days has passed.

Staff Decision

  1. THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, we will consider what's best for the server on a short and long term, and if it fits our vision of the server.
  2. Staff would either accept, decline or challenge a suggestion. They will always provide their rationale behind decisions.
  3. After the staff accepts a suggestion, another grace period of 7 days is added for the community to further challenge it before it's implemented in our server.

3- Player behavior and discussions outside of the designed channel

  1. Any discussion outside of GitLab will not be considered by staff for their decision, no matter how good is your reasoning behind it.
  2. Any flaming, trolling or uncivil discussion regard an open or closed suggestion will be punishable. You might get muted, punished out of the specific platform or terminated altogether from Project Zero. Respect that others might have different opinions, they might agree or disagree and it doesn't matter if you like their reasoning or think they're stupid.
  3. Any discussion on other platforms that reaches a specific limit as seen fit by staff, might be asked to stop and forwarded to GitLab. Any further discussions after this might be and will be punishable on that platform.
  4. You may still ask people to check out your suggestion and/or link to it when others discuss or ask about similar issues or ideas.

Now with this said I apologize again for the rushed decision. This guideline should set things straight and give much more transparency over the workflow of future suggestions.


Good luck and have fun playing Project Zero.

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