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4Glory - Roll with your squad! [WoE]

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Showcase Video! https://drive.google.com/file/d/16zZC6pjvMTRBZ_-G5wSEv9Qi7UxRJYKE/view?usp=sharing

4Glory - Who are we?

Welcome to 4Glory, a competitive WoE guild. A turning point in Ragnarok: Project Zero’s history came with the reduction of treasure box loot in WoE in late 2020 and we were encouraged to add a little spice - this became an opportunity to create a new and competitively viable guild - just as well with treasure box updates. We're proud of being WoE innovators and a very supportive environment who give our members every bit of advice and guidance they need to be effective at farming and reach their goals.

If you've joined PZ with a friend or two, we've got the perfect setup for you to play!

Are you WoE-ready? Join the revolution.

Join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dWXXFS3QCh or give us a ping at rip#2499

We can guide you to being WoE-ready in Project Zero and give insights into the latest meta and needs to be effective. It starts with guidance on

  1. where, what and how to farm
  2. what to gear and how to optimise
  3. how to play at your best

What is 4Glory all about?

Some values we'd like to hold strong to:

  • Squad-based leadership - run your own crew like as one of our own Squad Leaders!... or join one
  • Fair contribution and distribution - effective point system as well as culture that sets us apart from the rest
  • Strong coordination/communication - truly understanding that we are greater than the sum of our parts
  • Be competitive but have fun... because there's no room for hatred within a game that only a few of us globally play 20 years on.


We set ourselves apart by striving to have a very capable management and documentation - some samples below! If you want to find out more, see our roster and rules, message me via Discord rip#2499 or in-game [rip] or R I P

Those who have a more MVP/PvM focus are also invited along if there is potential for WoE down the track. Our MVP arm LexLife leads the server.

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After almost 3 months, we have now built up and established as one of the major guilds and hold 2 out of the 4 WoE castles! Still on the lookout for you to join the revolution even if you have not done WoE before - we have developed a quick start path that helps beginners get from PvM into WoE and be an effective player and have fun doing it.

Join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dWXXFS3QCh or give us a ping at rip#2499

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