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[2021-04-03] Changelogs

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Changelogs for Patch 1.4.0

This is a hot patch aiming to fix few critical issues with yuno release.


  • Fixed Amatsu Dungeon Entrace quest, it should no longer allow you to skip steps and get your character stuck, bugged character got their quest reset.
  • Removed boss status from Dark Priest
  • Removed minibosses from Yuno Fields
  • Memo is now allowed on Yuno Fields (Applicable to yuno_fild02, 04 ~ 7, 08 ~ 10)
  • Enabled warps to Yuno Field 06
  • Fixed weight of Pocket_Watch_Hair_Ornament
  • Falcon Claw and Falcon Feather are no longer refinable
  • Fixed Harpy Card effect
  • Fixed Falcon Claw and Falcon Feather combo

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