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Changelogs for Patch 1.4.4

This is a quick patch to address some issues with the newly introduced Battleground system, as well as some miscellaneous bugfixes.

Battleground Changes

We are still actively collecting and monitoring your feedback regarding the newly introduced Battlegrounds. Please continue to test and leave your constructive feedback in this forum thread: https://forum.playragnarokzero.com/index.php?/topic/178-feedback-battlegrounds/

To make testing a little bit easier, we have made some changes to the existing KVM battleground:

  • KVM player requirements have been reduced to 4v4
  • Damage and skill restrictions should now match WoE
  • Lesser Guild gear should now work in BG
  • Cooldown between battleground matches is reduced to 30 seconds
  • ASPD potions can now be used in BG
  • Added a healer NPC at the beginning of a match
  • Added another BG warper in the middle of Prontera
  • When two or people have queued up for BG, a message will be sent to the #pvp channel (@join #pvp)


  • Fixed Abracadabra not working for skills the user doesn't know
  • Fixed a bug where selecting an Auto Spell skill after death would leave you unable to do anything
  • Unblocked the Pang Voice skill quest by removing the Geffen Bard Quest prerequisite
  • Fixed Smasher being dropped from Petite with wrong Random Options
  • Snow Flake Draft now correctly displays damage in a bundle of 5 hits
  • Fixed PvP Rental Master giving out the wrong garments
  • Adjusted HP of Creamy and Stainer to official Zero values
  • Removed loot and exp from monsters spawned by most MVPs
  • Fixed range of Thunder Bow
  • Blacksmith's Blessing Shards can now be really added to Buying Stores


  • Added visual effects to Syrups
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