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[2021-06-14] WoE:SE testing feedback thread


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Yesterday (13th of June 2021) we had our first WoE:SE testing session, we're expecting it to stay for a bit until everything is fine tuned for best setting/experience.

Before we start talking about possible Treasure Boxes' loot or time, we're looking into fine tune the experience itself which is GvG experience within WoE:SE castle this topic shall be used to get feedback on your experience, bug reports, suggestions, and ideas to improve WoE:SE.

that is especially due to fact that official Zero doesn't yet have WoE:SE which means the mechanics itself is not balanced around how different is the current mechanics from a classic Ragnarok server mechanics.

during the coming weeks we will be monitoring this thread, applying acceptable suggestions to WoE:SE castle before each session and resetting the owners until we reach an acceptable state, then we will open a different thread to take suggestions on WoE:SE official schedule.

Good luck and have fun in WoE:SE we hope that the addition of WoE:SE will spice up the WoE scene a bit!


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Everything went smoothly apart from a couple of crashes for our ECaller. Sadly we did not copy the after crash report. 

As for Mechanics, please temper all changes to Barricade and Guardian Stone HP with the understanding that increasing their HP directly scales up defenders advantage in SE. Winning a GvG encounter should grantee a broken barricade or Guardian Stone. Let's also consider turning up the repair cooldown on Guild Stones to 8 minutes. Current cooldown allows for 11 repairs per WoE Session. 

Lastly, thank you for implementing WoE SE, everyone appreciates the effort put into it! It is quite enjoyable as well.

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For the most part, everything seemed to run smoothly.

If the PZ team could state their philosophy behind implementing WoE:SE then the community can provide changes/suggestions better catered to that goal.

For example, if WoE:SE was implemented to promote more GvG scenarios, then I agree with the post above me that the Barricades and Guardian Stones don't really need more HP.  Moreso if WoE is only going to be 1-hour moving forward.  People need to remember these are base values and obviously scale with DEF invests.  Contrary to popular belief WoE:SE with a small numbers of guilds is very defense-favoured, more than FE.

Another suggestion would be to let the community know if there's anything the PZ Staff wants to be extensively tested in any manner.  Whether it's with bugs or with fine-tuning mechanics.  That way guilds can purposely tackle these issues rather then just kind of playing around.


Echoing the comment above, but thanks for all your hard work.




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