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Really Good Guild is recruiting players!

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  • Help members gear up and create the end-game characters they want.

  • Run frequent MD Parties, Leveling Parties, Leeching Parties and MvP Hunts.

  • Compete in WoE FE.

  • Be active, social and have fun.

  • Foster a friendly and non-toxic environment for WoE and PVM.

How do we help our Members?

  • Running Quick and Simple MD runs

We are currently running quick MD runs with Knight+Sage duo allowing us to have a static and reliable team to run MDs daily. 

  • Help with Conq Sets and General Helms

We are currently selling Conq Items to guild members at half the market rate. Roughly 13m at the time of writing this post. We are also selling Knotted Letters (item used to make General's Helm) at just 1m/letter to members.

  • Unlimited Advice for members

Really Good Guild is home to vets for both PvM and PvP, if you have questions ask away.

  • Access to cheap refine materials

Really Good Guild currently holds a castle - the treasure box of this castle drops a plethora of refine materials, QoL items and food buffs. All of these are available with a priority to guild members at a 20% discount.

  • We host events to spice it up

Abracadabra parties, DB parties and more - there's lot of avenues to have fun at Really Good Guild.

How to join?

DM me on Discord sama#6862

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