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[2021-06-24] Changelogs

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Changelogs for Patch 1.4.7

This is a hot patch to address few issues


  • Fixed economy starting at 0 for WoE:SE castles, now it starts at 1.


  • Mythlit Egg Fixer is now available at /navi izlude 123/151

Cash Shop

A very long awaited request, Invisible costumes is finally here, those costumes are as their name say Invisible! wearing those hides any headgear worn in this specific slot!

  • Available until Early July maintenance
    • Costume: Samba Carnival
    • Costume: Hair bun wave
    • Costume: Floating Parasol
  • Permanent Additions
    • Costume: Feather Stola
    • Costume: Cherry Ribbon
    • Costume: Rythem Hairband
    • Costume: Invisible Cap
    • Costume: Invisible Glasses
    • Costume: Invisible Mask

Item spotlight

  • Samba Carnival
    • Samba Carnival
  • Hair bun wave
    • Hair bun wave
  • Floating Parasol
    • Floating Parasol
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