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[Poll] Which WoE FE castle would you like to WoE in the most?


[Poll] WoE FE castle  

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  1. 1. Which WoE FE castle would you like to WoE in the most?

    • Prontera - Kriemhild
    • Prontera - Swanhild
    • Geffen- Repherion
    • Geffen - Eeyolbriggar
    • Prontera - Fadhgridh (New)
    • Prontera - Skoegul (New)
    • Prontera - Gondul (New)
    • Geffen - Yesnelph (New)
    • Geffen - Bergel (New)
    • Geffen - Mersetzdeitz (New)

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  • Poll closed on 09/15/2021 at 10:59 PM

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Hello everyone,

To account for the current population, we are adjusting the amount of WoE FE castles on Saturday down to one. Treasure Boxes will be adjusted so you can get costumes from all four previously available castles rather than just that one.

Now this is where you come in: which of the four castles should we keep?

We will run this poll for a week, to end on Wednesday, September 15th. The changes will be implemented for the WoE that same weekend, and the winning castle will have its ownership reset.

Happy voting! 🙂

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If we're interested in just moving to one castle, and I assume we'd be resetting ownership and invests (which I think should just be locked anyway), then I'd vote for none of the above, and maybe push forward Fadhgridh (Valkyrie 3) or Skoegul (Valkyrie 4).  New castle layout gives breath of fresh air for everyone to play in a new environment.  It's also a pretty fun castle to fight in every floor.

Just my 2c.

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Adding Valk 3 as an option as well.
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