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Midgard Broadcast cooperation, streamers here we go!

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Greetings Adventures,

It recently came in King Tristan III's mind the discovery of a new technology called the Television, which can broadcast a live image and sound directly to the citizens houses all over the realm of Rune-Midgard!

In an effort to create new content to broadcast through this technology for the entertainment and enlightenment of the realm citizens, King Tristan III has decided to start a new cooperation called "Midgard Broadcast Cooperation", which will be the one taking care of creating and broadcasting contents to the citizens while being rewarded for their effort.

Midgard Broadcast Cooperation Membership

The Midgard Broadcast Cooperation membership is an effort from Ragnarok: Project Zero to create a partnership program with players who are interested in streaming our game.
As we're approaching the beta phase and seeing an interest in streaming the game, we've decided to announce this program a little bit earlier than expected. It will offer benefits for streamers as they achieve specified goals, and for their viewers as they watch their streams.

While the partnership system is still under development and shall be finalised before our grand opening, here's a list of what to expect:

For streamers

  • Exclusive costumes given upon achieving certain goals
  • Highlights in our social platforms and on our Discord for your streams
  • If you're a stable streamer and have fixed schedule for Ragnarok Project: Zero streams, you will also be a part of our official stream schedule announced in our website and social platforms

For your viewers

  • Giveaway codes to give through your streams for your viewers to enjoy in-game items or free services

The goals for streamers will be set on viewers peak, view amounts, streaming hours in a period and overall, streaming daily strikes and few other factors. As you achieve different goals, you will be given different exclusive costumes and as you achieve all goals you will unlock the one and only ultimate streamer costume! 😉

Currently, as the system has not been finalised yet, you may join the Midgard Broadcast Cooperation and all of your progress during beta will count towards your progress when the final draft is announced near the server grand opening.

How to join?

Joining The Midgard Broadcast Cooperation Team would mean you're a streaming partner of Ragnarok: Project Zero, therefore you need to meet a few requirements to join:

  1. You must be an established streamer, already have few subscribers and streamed for a while, the actual amounts of subscribers or streaming hours doesn't matter as long as there's enough content for us to see the type of content you publish.
  2. You mush be willing to stream Ragnarok: Project Zero at least once a week
  3. That's it, pretty simple is it not! 🙂

If you think you can meet those requirements, please send me an email to ema [at] playragnarokzero [dot] com using the same email you used to create your master account, including some information about you.
You can use the following template for the required information, but feel free to add anything extra!

Name: You can use your real name or nickname it doesn't matter!
Your Timezone: Please use a UTC time zone if possible
Your streaming channel link:
Games you've streamed for previously:
Expected hourly stream amounts per week:
Expected stream days and times:

And feel free to add anything else you would like to mention

Thank you for taking an interested in joining us, best of luck to everyone and have fun in the Ragnarok worlds!

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