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A Simple Guide to an All-rounder Battle Smith


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This guide is for those that want to farm and support their guild for MD and other content. In my opinion, this is the only build for a Battle Smith in the current patch/version of the game.

For starters let's get to stats: (base and bonus)

Str: 50 ~ 70

Agi: 90 ~ 120

Vit: 30 ~ 50

Int: 1

Dex: 50 ~ 70

Luk: 30

It is pretty open ended, Luk can be how much ever you want it to be. You don't need too much dex tbh--you have a bonus 20% passive skill for HIT and Adrenaline Rush will also increase your HIT and ASPD. Int won't be useful with the build we are going for, since you have pretty low SP consuming skills, so just get SP recovery items. Agi is your main stat (I know, crazy, right?) you need all the flee and ASPD you can get if you want to hit hard and fast with an axe, specially two handed axes, the flee coupled with high defense equipment ensures that you can live longer than other classes that rely on one or the other defensive option. Vit can let you sustain more in fights with potions and added HP. Str is just there for a bit of additional damage and carrying capacity, you can be the walking supply train for your Guild with both your push cart and base weight.


This is very straightforward, you just need all the passive skills + Mamonite and Identify Item of Merchant and after changing to a Blacksmith you get Hilt Binding, Weaponry Research, Adrenaline Rush, Power Thrust, Weapon Perfection, Maximize Power, Skin Tempering, Ore Discovery and the rest to whatever else you want, this is of course in order, but I wanted to get Hammer Fall just for utility so you can save that for last.



Starting Weapon: Any Two Handed Axe (%ASPD | +/%Atk)

Mid Game Weapon: Orcish Cleaver (%ASPD | +Atk | Size or Race Mod)

Late Game Weapon: Crafted Axe (%ASPD | +Atk | Size | Race Mod | Ignore Def)


You can start changing up your starter gear after Level 60, I survived with mine even at Level 70. All you can really go for now is finding high defense armors with %ASPD,  +Flee, +Def and +Atk Options if you are having trouble with hitting mobs then look for +HIT options. Also don't forget resistance options, if you ever get to a point in where you can't just survive attacks or avoid them with your flee.

If you ever get to farming MD Gears (Subjugation, etc) that'll be a big help for your damage potential in farming. As well as survivability.


Subjugation or higher ranked MD ring is pretty much the BiS, but if you have a Brooch then that's good too.


Anything with Atk, Flee, P. Dodge and ASPD will be nice, also resistance cards for whatever you are farming. Or if you need more race/size modifiers.

MD, BH or WoE

At this point you can only focus on beefing up your character and be there for support or off-damage DPS (like clearing up mobs that are targeting supports), if you are rich enough then I suggest using your Mamonite if you need to contribute to the damage for the boss, you need to be alive most of the time because your Buffs will help on clearing the Dungeon/MVP faster (imagine your party members doing 100% damage all the time every time you are in the party to whatever sized monster) so everything that goes into farming also goes into your MD gear, just change up resistances and other defensive options. At this time you might wanna go with one handed weapons and a shield for a more defensive setup if you want to live longer.


Ending note: This will be updated more in the future once we get more gear options, so stay tuned!

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On 10/6/2020 at 9:19 AM, Holion said:

i noticed dagger does more damage than axe in early game farming.

That's because of size mod difference, which is good if you are just starting out because you mostly hit medium or small monsters, but in the middle and late game you'll need axe when you turn into a BS; because you have perfect damage to all sizes. I'm gonna revise/edit some parts of this guide, I need to add more info, but that'll have to wait till my PC is fixed and it'll be a good long while. 

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Wrong info
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