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Depresso Is Recruiting [PH]


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We're currently looking for support classes to fill our ranks, we mostly need: Sage, Devosader, Dancers, Bards and Tanks. Applications for DPS classes are also welcome, but we are sorely in need for support characters. Supports are priority for recruitment, so apply now! PM: Jin Sakai, Prejudice, Freude or Me Cross (NeCrosX) in game or on the discord for an invite! We're a pretty active guild mostly focused on MD and BH now, but when we get WoE we will compete, so hurry while there are still slots to fill! We mostly just chill at South side Prontera Kafra.

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Hi, I'm interested in joining the guild, I'm currently playing farming characters for now but my main role is Sage so once WoE is near you can expect that i have the character already finished. If you guys will accept me, please pm me on my discord at Nestle#0830

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