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    • I managed to solve the Text issue with some Winetricks tweeking.   The fonts are a bit weird though... maybe an unoffical korean font pack? Also cant get past this resolution. Everything larger shows a blackscreen.     __________________________________________________________________________ EDIT:   This is the best I could get. It works perfectly, I didn't had any issues so far. If anyone has a solution to the font problem, feel free to post your thoughts 🙂    
    • Hey guys.   I finally got Project Zero running on Linux (Pop_Os! - an Ubuntu Distro) But somehow the Text or Fonts are not working properly Ingame (See Attached Screenshots). I Installed all Corefonts and vc6, vc2008 etc.   The Game itself is perfectly playable but just the text and fonts are missing ingame as seen in the Screenshots. Wine and Winetricks are updated, as the OS is.     Anyone here got a solution ? Best Regards, Kyohai
    • ign Jimmy. messaged you on disc. disc name scotty899
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.5.1 QoL Moved the stylist in prontera to /navi prontera 92/98 Attendance timer will now reset at exactly mid-night Fixes Storm Gust and Cart revolution now pushes enemies backward instead of always East Corrected Brandish Spear AoE it's now one line less Corrected Dancer/Bard Ensemble skills range between partners to 4 cells on each side (total of 9x9), previously was around 20x20. Corrected an issue causing newly uploaded emblems not to show in the control panel Cash Shop The following new items themed around Malangdo will be available until next maintenance, we're also introducing a new cash shop service "Character rename", the coupon can be used and then consumed and character name changed using character selection window. Available until next maintenance Costume: Black Cat Bag Costume: Eleanor Wig Costume: Cat Ear Hat Costume: Cat Ear Hat (White Version) Costume: Sleeping Cat Hat Permanent Additions Costume: Black Cat Hoodie Costume: White Cat Costume: Leaf Cat Hat Name Change Coupon Teaser This coming august is the official launch anniversary! Two big things are coming, feel free to guess!
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.5.0 Malangdo Story Ambitious group of cats, calling themselves the 'Cat Hand Group', have set sail from their homeland in an attempt to make profit in a foreign land. It has been 26 days since their voyage and to their misfortune, they were caught in a storm.The ship's rudder, having been damaged in storm, have lost their functionality. Feeling helpless, the Cat Hand Group was left with no choice but to wait for the tides to calm, only to crash into an unknown reef. When the cats of the Cat Hand Group have regained their consciousness, they found themselves on an unfamiliar, peaceful island. Dazed by the recent events, the Cat Hand Group have quickly came to their senses upon sighting one of their ship, 'Nabeeho', on the middle of the island. Fortunately none of the cats were injured or missing, however all of the ships with the exception of Nabeeho have been wrecked and majority of their loaded goods have been lost. Stuck on an unknown island with no way of returning to their homeland, the Cat Hand Group have settled on the island and named their new home 'Malangdo'. Quests Malangdo introduces 13 new quests, those quests can be finished to obtain varus different rewards along side a new currency 'Sea God Crystal', this currency can be used to upgrade equipment and purchase of various goods. You can know more about quests on our wiki Malangdo Quests Equipment Malangdo introduces 12 new exclusive Zero equipment: Freezing Trident [1] Golden Pocket Knife [1] Gold Fish Accessory Blue Fish Accessory Blue Crystal Rod [1] Mystic Frozen Charm Frozen Glove Cat Hand Glove [1] Cat Hand Glove L [1] Cat Hand Glove R [1] Sandy Lake [1] Octopus Axe [1] You can know more about the new equipment on our wiki Malangdo Equipment Dungeon Malangdo introduces a new dungeon with lots of challenges to face you can access this dungeon at /navi malangdo 73/239 Cooking With Malangdo we're introducing back the cooking book drops to Monsters, Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box. Cooking book 10 can be obtained at the Sunken Ship MD. These cooking books will open the doors to more food buffs and further boost to your characters! Chef Nyas from Malangdo will put your cooking abilities to the test with his Daily Quest. Please note that cooked food buffs do not stack with the High Quality Meal buff. Other content updates Gym Pass We added the next tier of the quest at Glastheim. You can start this mission at /navi glast_01 44/363. QoL updates Added status icon for elemental converter buff Community suggestions The Juperos Entrance map (jupe_cave) has been classified as an indoor map. This prevents zooming levels from being reset when entering/leaving the map Thanks to Cahiky for the suggestion! Fixes Fixed an issue with Cast Time reduction effects not stacking correctly when coming from item buffs Items reducing incoming long-range damage no longer reduce magical damage (e.g. Horn Card, Alligator Card) Fixed the Earth Dragon Katar being a one-handed weapon The following effects can no longer be removed by the Dispel skill: Proof Resist Potion effects Performer (Bard/Dancer) buffs Shout-out to sama for helping with the research! Fixed an issue with Monk's combo skills having incorrect after-cast delay Corrected long range consideration, now attacks of 4 cells or longer are considered long range Fixed DEF-piercing weapons (e.g. Ice Pick) not applying critical damage correctly Fixed incorrect display of the card suffix of Clock Tower Manager Card Quagmire no longer cancels Dancer buffs: Service for you, Humming, and Fortune Fixed Costume Fox Ears Drop Ribbon to be marked as costume in Storage [REMOVED] Partial fix for item skills not being removed from skill bar once the item is unequipped Battleground With the current staff situation, we cannot afford to put enough time into Battleground coding. Therefore we will put any further updates on hold until further notice. We hope that we will be able to finish the work we started on battleground soon but we don't see it in the foreseeable future.
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