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    • We found a bug wherein if you're on a mount using a halter before entering a match, you can't dismount anymore until the match is over 😞 either enable halter inside a match or don't allow it in the waiting room 🙂
    • The Barricades taking dmg under LP. The Barricades should be protected under LP from AoE Magic Dmg.  
    • Bump, still looking for members in all areas of the game ❤️
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.4.6 This is a quick patch to release WoE:SE related content WoE Sunday will change into WoE:SE session for Himinn castle, this is for testing purposes until a final timing is proposed. Note: Castles disabled in FE and Castles in SE won't spawn TB nor allow dungeon access. Fixes Luda mask is no longer refinable (the refine levels will be removed on mid-june maintenance) Status Recovery global cooldown corrected to 0.3 seconds WoE:FE emperium HP increasement with defense investment formula was fixed (Previously 5700 with level 100, corrected to 1700 on level 100) The following status changes has been corrected to not be dispellable Baldur's Blessing (Magic/Atk/flee/hit buff) (Applicable to all buffs using same status change) Challenge Drink (Magic/Atk/flee/hit buff) (Applicable to challenge drink only) Rapid Potion Fixed eggs coming for loot box being unhatchable (we will release an NPC to fix old Eggs on mid-june maintenance)
    • For the most part, everything seemed to run smoothly. If the PZ team could state their philosophy behind implementing WoE:SE then the community can provide changes/suggestions better catered to that goal. For example, if WoE:SE was implemented to promote more GvG scenarios, then I agree with the post above me that the Barricades and Guardian Stones don't really need more HP.  Moreso if WoE is only going to be 1-hour moving forward.  People need to remember these are base values and obviously scale with DEF invests.  Contrary to popular belief WoE:SE with a small numbers of guilds is very defense-favoured, more than FE. Another suggestion would be to let the community know if there's anything the PZ Staff wants to be extensively tested in any manner.  Whether it's with bugs or with fine-tuning mechanics.  That way guilds can purposely tackle these issues rather then just kind of playing around.   Echoing the comment above, but thanks for all your hard work.   Cheers, Keeto
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