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    • Autofollow now works with the latest client update! Shift + rightclick works but you may need to switch /noctrl off first
    • After almost 3 months, we have now built up and established as one of the major guilds and hold 2 out of the 4 WoE castles! Still on the lookout for you to join the revolution even if you have not done WoE before - we have developed a quick start path that helps beginners get from PvM into WoE and be an effective player and have fun doing it. Join our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/dWXXFS3QCh or give us a ping at rip#2499
    • According to the Mob Database it should be 17,5% Dropchance, but i feel like it is way lower, considering i get more Dead Branches or Lvl 3 Fire Bolt Scrolls than Trunks from them and both of those items have a listed dropchance of 5%   Just wondering, if it is working as intended or not?
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.4.0 This is a hot patch aiming to fix few critical issues with yuno release. Fixes Fixed Amatsu Dungeon Entrace quest, it should no longer allow you to skip steps and get your character stuck, bugged character got their quest reset. Removed boss status from Dark Priest Removed minibosses from Yuno Fields Memo is now allowed on Yuno Fields (Applicable to yuno_fild02, 04 ~ 7, 08 ~ 10) Enabled warps to Yuno Field 06 Fixed weight of Pocket_Watch_Hair_Ornament Falcon Claw and Falcon Feather are no longer refinable Fixed Harpy Card effect Fixed Falcon Claw and Falcon Feather combo
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.4.0 Easter Event After a farm heavy event last month and in light of new content update we will simply give away all players 2 costumes to chose from 6 costumes, 3 of which are top and the other is mid costumes, you can get those costumes from Rata once per master account and those are account bound, you can find her at /navi prontera 150/150 Top: Rabbit Ear Hat Bunny Headress Rabbit Crown Mid: White Rabbit Panda Rabbit Orange Rabbit Anniversary On the 1st of April 2020 we started our beta testing phase, sadly it was not an April Fool's so we're now forced to celebrate our anniversary on April Fool's day. During the first two weeks of April Emily will be enabled and various GM Held events will happen, keep an eye on those I'm sure it will be interesting! Content Update: Juno (Phase 1) As previously announced, we will be releasing the Juno content update in two phases and Phase 1 is coming with this patch! The Juno content patch is especially large, and we've been hearing your requests about more content to play. So we decided to give you something new to play now, which we can then build on and finish with the Phase 2 release of Juno. With the Phase 1 release of Juno, we will be making our way into the Republic of Schwarzwald for the very first time! The following areas of content will be available: the floating city of Juno and its surrounding fields, Magma Dungeon 1F/2F and a variety of quests and gear that go along with that. As always, you can find out all the details on our Wiki. We recommended you to take this time to prepare. Level up, grind gear and farm some Zeny, because the content in Phase 2 is not going to be easy! Getting to Juno The city of Juno is not part of the Rune Midgard Kingdom and therefore cannot be reached through traditional means of Kafra teleportation. If you want to get to Juno, you can either walk north from Aldebaran, or take the Airship from Izlude (/navi izlude 202/75)! The Valkyrie Airlines staff will be happy to get you to Juno safely, for a small fee of course. Quests This patch introduces a bunch of new regional quests for Juno and Aldebaran, including daily quests for the Magma Dungeon. Check out our wiki page for more details. We have also added a few more headgear quests: Red Ribbon (/navi yuno 114/206) Grief for Greed (/navi yuno 65/195) Parcel Hat (/navi yuno 65/195) New Zero-exclusive gear The new monsters roaming the fields and dungeons around Juno are packing some new gear that you might not be familiar with. You can find a list of new Zero-exclusive gear on the Juno wiki page. Magma Dungeon The Magma Dungeon (or Nogg Road) is a dungeon that most Ragnarok players will be familiar with. It features a variety of fire-themed monsters that are gonna make you sweat! The local Schwarzwald guards have also found a path that goes even deeper than Magma 2F. But they are still preparing the area to make sure it's safe for adventurers. So stay tuned for updates on Magma Dungeon 3F! Pets We know how much you love taking care of your pets, so we're happy to announce that there will be new types of Pets available with the Juno update: Nightmare Terror Earth Deleter, evolved from Petite Diabolic, evolved from Deviruchi To find out more about these pets and the CutePet system in general, visit our wiki. Client Alongside the Juno content update we're happy to announce a new client update, this should fix many visual issues players faced over time along with tons of new features! Auto follow Yes, you can auto follow now horrraaay! Item Linking As you all know we've disabled item linking for a very long while, with this new client we will re-enable it again in public chats and channels Show shop The client now supports a new client command /showshop this commands shows/hides vendors/buy stores banners for a smoother experience Hot keys / Key binding This new client supports server side saving of Hot keys and key bindings, the first time you open the game you will lose all of your settings, please set it up and shutdown the client for it to be saved, those settings will be linked to your master account so whenver you open the game on new computers or fresh installation you will have those settings loaded right away. Double skill bar layout You can now have two skill bar layouts for different situations or game play, the layouts allows you to save two sets of 4 skill bars to switch between easily Double hot keys sets Since hot keys settings is now saved server side some users might face issue of having two different computers with different keyboard layouts and may prefer to have different hot keys bindings for each, for this you can now set two different sets of hot key bindings Guild window updates Castle Ownership, stats and teleport In guild window you can now see the list of Castles owned by your guild, you can also teleport to it for a zeny fee (Disabled during WoE), and check investment/defense. Guild skills Usable guild skills can now be added to skills bar and its delay can be tracked through it as well! Cash shop You can now preview items in cash shop, please note that items with special effects might not be previewable in-game. Costumes The new client allows us to fix some costume rendering layers, that means that wings and similar costumes would no longer be piercing your shawl etc Cash shop For the first half of April we're releasing a few magical costumes in honor of Juno along side a few more themed around Spring! finally the harsh winter is starting to be over. Effect Stones We have updated the water effect stone to a newer effect that should no longer cause a weird water effect all over the screen, in light of this we will be accepting refunds of current users of this stone if they wish so. * We're also releasing two new exclusive stones for the month of April, grab those while you can! * * Costumes Unlike before we will not be releasing preview of the Cash Shop costumes as the cash shop window now supports preview of those! The following costumes will be available after today's maintenance: Radio Antenna Spell Circuit Survivors's Orb Large Sorcerer Crown Ifrit's Ears (Limited until mid of April) Citrus Ribbon (Limited until mid of April) Elegant Wave (Limited until mid of April) Angel Ribbon Wing (Limited until mid of April) Big Foxtail (Limited until mid of April) Quality of Life Extended the list of towns every Kafra can teleport to Reduced some of the Kafra teleport prices for towns further away Kafra teleport services are now free for character under Base Level 60 Fixes Fixed daily entry to Amatsu's Momotaro instance Kills from Alchemist plants now count towards quest progress Fixed ATK and +10 item bonus of Lesser Guild Fist
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