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    • Hi! I'm a fairly new player looking for a guild. I'm primarily looking for a PVM/MD guild, WoE/PvP is pretty much the bottom of my priority list right now. Ideally English speaking, and active during NA/EU times.  Feel free to message me on discord as well at Sylius#4356
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.2.2 This patch includes several bug fixes and our coming maintenances will mainly focus on implementing community suggestions and further bug fixes. Our aim is to have the majority of issues and community suggestions answered by late Feburary. We're also very excited to announce a projected release date of Amatsu which will be in late Feburary! Note: These are not the final patch notes, expect further notes post maintenance. Implemented Community Suggestions Project Zero: PvP Arena (Season 0) Thank you John, Julius & everyone participating: Added PvP Manager (formerly WoE Damage Testing) to access WoE Testing and PvP Arena Woe Test Arena: Added Test Emperium, Healer and reduced number of WoE arenas to 1 PvP Arena: Added a PvP Arena [guild_vs3] (accessible via the PvP Manager) with GvG rules enabled PvP Potion Kit: Claim your PvP Potion Kit every hour to compete against other players! Added #pvp channel! Make sure to join #pvp to catch all the PvP related action! You can find out more about on the Project Zero PvP Wiki! Shimmering Exchange Thank you Markanox and ChadsB: Added Shimmering Exchange NPC located at prt_in 135,19 (same building as MD Enchant/Jello Stone Exchange) QoL Suggestions Thank you Jean: Added Venom Knife to Tool Dealers Thank you Samarth: Added buff icon for Magnum Break Thank you Keeto: Added Master/Guild Storage functions to Castle Kafras #651 Adjusted Guild Dungeon mobs experience tables #629 Thank you Kori Fee: Increased loot protection from 3s to 30s Cash shop A new Royal Set for your fancy taste will be released with this maintenance. Costumes can now be enchanted using an Effect Stone. Effect Stones will add extra visual effects on ANY constume (including non-cash shop costumes). However, this will turn those costumes into ACCOUNT BOUND). Costume effect stones Costumes can be "enchanted" with an effect stone, giving it a unique look. There are 3 types of stones: upper, mid, and lower. Stones are purchasable from the cash shop. A costume can be enchanted with a stone by talking to Gurgio Gurmani at (prontera 95, 330). It's possible to enchant any costume, cash ones or free ones. It's possible to remove an effect stone from a costume, but since stones have a one-time use, a new stone will need to be purchased to apply that effect to another costume (or to the same costume again). Make sure to buy the correct stone for the costume equip location Important: the water floor effect doesn't work currently, if you have bought it feel free to send us a refund request on the support email, we can either refund the points or both the points and payment Stone name Stone Preview Stone name Stone Preview Stone name Stone Preview Twinkle Effect (Upper) Available as 2 Stones Electric Effect (Upper) Electric Effect (Middle) Ghost Effect (Middle) Available as 2 Stones Shrink Effect (Middle) Shrink Effect (Lower) Blue Aura Effect (Middle) Shadow Effect (Middle) Pink Glow Effect (Middle) White Body Effect (Middle) Crimson Wave Effect (Middle) Green Floor Effect         Royal set The first royal set has been released, be stylish, royal and goldy this set will be available through early feburary Quality Of Life Improved Random Option names by making them consistent in CP/In-Game and giving the majority a clearer description Fixed issue in Guild Overview to now correctly display number of online members Updated Attendance Reward date ranges & header Translated item description for Bard&Dancer Essence II Lvl1 Re-named Earth Dragon Lance (formerly Earth Dragon Spear) Adjusted Kafra Save/Teleport locations to match kRO:Z Fixes Fixed Spell 5 description: +3% VCT -> +5% VCT Fixed Hunter's Essence Lvl 1 description: 20% -> 40% Blitz Beat Damage Fixed Twilight's Spear description from Two-Handed to One-Handed Fixed Joker's Nail unidentified state from Katar to Claw type Fixed Earth Dragon Lance's description from 1-handed to 2-handed Fixed Rideword Card's "of Wisdom" slotted name from prefix to suffix Fixed Twilight Spear incorrectly giving ASPD instead of ATK per 3 refines Fixed Rogue Essence 2 (Raid) to decrease Raid cost instead of increasing Fixed Baldur's Blessing HIT bonus from 20 -> 30 Fixed Solid & Ringleader Arclouze's size/race/element Adjusted Guardian Sword drop chance from 0.5% to 1.5% Adjusted Spore to no longer drop Strawberry Adjusted Black Mushroom HP from 7 to 5 Adjusted alde_dun03 spawn rates to be consistent with kRO:Z Adjusted (MD) Thorn Of Magic spawn from 3 -> 5 Adjusted Thorn Of Magic difficulty scaling Adjusted MD Deepsea Coelacanth AI to be closer to kRO:Z Adjusted White Lady AI to be closer to kRO:Z Adjusted MD Golden Thief Bug AI to be closer to kRO:Z Adjusted MD Loot NPC sell price to be consistent with kRO:Z Added missing iz_dun05 options to King Dramoh's Spike and Kraken's Ice Falchion Added +300HP and +400HP enchantment roll to the MD enchantment pool (verified in kRO:Z) World Tour Tickets can now be used to go dungeons Skill Fixes Changed Frost Nova AoE from 5x5 -> 7x7 Fixed Ensembles AoEs to be 9x9 (instead of 19x19) and 31x31 (instead of 63x63) Removed fixed cast time from Rogue's Strip skills (previous patch only removed variable cast time) Scream's cast time removed Finger Offensive is now interruptible Arrow Crafting now gives 600 arrows for minor elemental stones (Red Blood ...) and 1800 for major elemental stones (Flame Heart...) Arrow Shower now has a 0.5 variable cast time Fixed Detect AoE to be 7x7 (instead of 15x15) Fixed Resurrection not having a cooldown. See Resurrection for details Reduced Lord Of Vermillion's lockout time. Subsequent LoVs will now be able to damage the enemy quicker than before. WoE On Friday 22nd we will hold a hot patch to release the new Treasure Boxes based on feedback from the guild round table. Castles & Investment will be reset!
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.2.1 This is a hot patch to release the changes to WoE Treasure Chests (Boxes). WoE Normal Treasure Chests will spawn now. Godlike materials and other unrelated items to Zero have been removed. The WoE Supplies Box has been modified to supply a random amount of Guild Dungeon Coins. Fixes Cyber Income is now correctly worn on the upper headgear costume slot
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.2.1 This is a hot patch mainly to deliver important fixes for our latest content release of Louyang. The patches to come in January and February will be full of more fixing patches while we prepare for the release of Amatsu, which is very soon™ Changes Added Hammer Fall, Wide Sleep, and Power Up to White Lady Added Critical Slash to the Memorial Version of Golden Thief Bug Added Hidding and Grimtooth to Mi Gao Chung E now drops Iris at 1% (adjusted for server rate) Fixes Fixed Barbed Wire slot being not usable Fixed a case caused specific quests to be re-doable totally igoring its cooldown when specific conditions are met Improved unique party members checks White Lady's spawned mobs no longer drop items nor give experience NOTE: All currently existing Iris in-game have been removed Fixed Elusive Zhu Po to have 56,07 HP, and Elusive Jing Guai to have 99,850 HP Cash shops A new cash shop set of costumes has been released, Also, Christmas and the limited time flash back sale is removed. The theme of this month is "Cyber", with the following set for the first half of January 2021:
    • Changelogs for Patch 1.2.0 This patch delivers the most anticipated new content: Louyang! Also included are a fun little Christmas event and new cash shop items. There won't be any fixes or QoL updates delivered this patch. They are instead planned for the first patch post Louyang, sometime around early January 2021. First off, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!! It has been such an amazing ride with Ragnarok: Project Zero so far. I'm truly blessed with the community we have built in Project Zero - friendly, respectful, and patient - I cannot wait to see what this community has in store in the many coming years! Most of the base Zero content is finally complete and there are still tons of Zero updates to come. 2021 already looks very exciting with tons of new and unique updates that Zero introduced to Ragnarok Online. With Louyang released today we should see Amatsu which comes with the first expanded class: Ninja, which was reworked for Zero coming really soon. Hopefully sooner than you may expect. 2020 is coming to a close and with 2021 approaching closer and closer we hope that the new year will also mark a new start as well as a relief from all the pain that we had to endure this past year. Please stay mindful and cautious as the pandemic is not over yet! Party responsibly and please stay safe, for yourself, your families, and friends. Ema Content Louyang Known as "The Castle of The Dragon". Louyang is a town done in the style of Ancient China. To get to Louyang, you must pay the NPC at the Alberta docks 10,000 Zeny and be of base level 70 or higher /navi alberta 245/40. Louyang boasts vast fields and tall mountains. Beyond the grand northern walls of the field lies the glorious Castle of the Dragon, capital of Louyang. Majestic in its size and architecture, this city is guaranteed to awe any visitor (best viewed from Louyang’s sightseeing tower). However, deep beneath the beautiful Castle lies a dark crypt teeming with unspeakable horrors. Louyang is considred an end-game content as of now. Quests Louyang introduces tons of new quests, some of them being completely new to Ragnarok Online. Royal Mausoleum Access In order to access the Royal Mausoleum you will have to finish this quest, it can be started at /navi louyang 42/276 Finishing this quest unlocks 5 daily quests related to Louyang Dungeon Shout Mountain Quest In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at /navi lou_fild01 195/177 This quest unlocks another daily quest Doctor Quest In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at /naiv lou_in02 265/69 Finishing this quest unlocks another daily quest Poison King Quest In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at /navi lou_in02 123/39 8 Reformers Quest This quest is a remake of the Revolution Quest it can be started at /navi lou_fild01 152/146 Soup Quest In order to start this quest you will have to talk to the NPC at /navi lou_in02 53/174 New headgear quest Louyang introduces two new headgears Bacsojin Doll Hat and Chung E's Bao Bao This quest can be started at /navi louyang 186/54 Regional Weapons Louyang introduces a new set of weapons: Earth Dragon Weapons. To obtain these items you will have to collect Earth Dragon Coins which drops from most of Louyang monsters. Exchanging 20 Earth Dragon Coins will result in a random Earth Dragon Weapon. Regional Weapons also introduce a new feature where you can roll & reroll the options on your item for a fee of 150,000 Zeny. Rerolling an item doesn't affect its refine level nor socketed cards. Monsters that drop the new Earth Dragon Coin: Yao Jun Mao Guai Zhu Po Long Mi Gao Jing Guai Green Maiden Regional Weapons: Earth Dragon Greatsword Earth Dragon Katar Earth Dragon Two-Handed Axe Earth Dragon Bow Earth Dragon Spear Earth Dragon Sword Earth Dragon Dagger Earth Dragon Staff Earth Dragon Mace Earth Dragon Book Earth Dragon Fist Earth Dragon Whip Earth Dragon Guitar The Earth Dragon Coins can be exchanged at the NPC located at /navi louyang 199/113. The NPC to roll and reroll options on the weapons is located at /navi louyang 207/112. The two possible option sets are Physical and Magic options you can chose any to enchant to your desired weapon. Physical/Ranged Magic New equipment Louyang also introduce few other equipments and changes to other monsters drops. Elusive Disguise would no longer drop Muffler but instead Barbed Wire with Fever Options Mao Guai drops Thunder Bow with Fever Options Green Maiden drops White Snake Ring Yao Jun drops Earnest Erhu Cash Shop As promised before, with PayPal being available as a payment option, we are re-releasing all old costumes! Those costumes can be found at the second tab in the cash shop and will be available until the first hot patch in January (around 3rd to 4th of January). Also during this holiday season we're offering 10% more Cash shop points on all transactions done until the 31st of December 23:59 Server time. We've also introduced the following new costumes in the cash shop, available until the first hot patch of January. Event (Christmas in Raccoon City) Celebrate the holidays with a band of Raccoons who have made their way to Rune-Midgart! This holiday season, a small group of homeless creatures have taken up residence in the kingdom of Rune-Midgart. The Raccoon Cheer Squad have arrived and their goal is to establish a country of their own. But they need some help from you to get started! Players over level 30 can speak to the leader Quercus to begin the quest. All members of the Raccoon Cheer Squad will need some kind of assistance to get to their ultimate goal: To take Prontera Church as the new headquarters of their fledgling empire. You can learn more about this event by talking to Quercus at Prontera Fountain. The event will be available through the end of January. WoE Due to holidays season and after discussing with guild leaders WoE sessions for the 26th and 27th of December 2020, and 2nd and 3rd Of January 2021 will be cancelled.
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