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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Lucero (Vending) CHEAPEST QUERO MI ESPEDICION prontera 51 minutes ago
Vendor (Vending) Shiny Rocks prontera 3 hours ago
Bippa Renbo (Vending) Exquisites Only*~ prontera 11 hours ago
Aymerhic Jr (Vending) Magma Sword,Spirit stone,Steel,Spotl prontera 11 hours ago
Daimy Mercha (Vending) Bazaar Expectations prontera 14 hours ago
Dohter (Vending) Headgears prontera 1 day ago
Tressa Colzione (Vending) Taming Items/WhiteSnakeTear/Headgear prontera 1 day ago
Lyblac (Vending) OrcToken/CrystalQuiver/Headgears prontera 1 day ago
Menine (Vending) +7 JURS AND SPEARS prontera 1 day ago
Addilyn (Vending) Dragon Twilight/15Flee Lava Shoes prontera 1 day ago
Isidro (Vending) All Sale prontera 1 day ago
Cassie Crook (Vending) Gib dein Handy prontera 1 day ago
Apolina Crook (Vending) Shining Sword's II prontera 1 day ago
Bellolina Crook (Vending) Shining Swords prontera 1 day ago
Beano Vendito (Vending) Beans BSBs, Dynite, and Cards prontera 1 day ago
Sunrise (Vending) Beans Cards & Ori/Elu prontera 1 day ago
MeRoNaa (Vending) plasma card root pierce prontera 1 day ago
MottakaHime (Vending) CHEAP ORIs / CARD / BINOCS / WEAPONS prontera 1 day ago
Goopi (Vending) Priced. To. Sell !! prontera 2 days ago
Dentro do Custo (Vending) BSB|SilkRobe[1]|OrcBow prontera 2 days ago
autotrade (Vending) Cards prontera 2 days ago
Great Nsture (Buying) Great Nature prontera 2 days ago
Soso (Vending) Four Leaf Clover/ Bapho Doll prontera 3 days ago
Beano Vendo (Vending) ExCALIBUR Dragons Armors oh MY prontera 3 days ago
Merch1 (Vending) BSB/Oridecon prontera 4 days ago
Poor Jew (Vending) STROUF CARD prontera 5 days ago
BosseMerchTre (Buying) B> ORIDECON prontera 5 days ago
Karat (Vending) Gym Pass, Cards prontera 5 days ago
Kashless (Vending) BSB, Injustice, YinYang, Melody Wing prontera 5 days ago
Il Mercante di Spezie (Vending) La Bottega prontera 6 days ago
Adrianna Crook (Vending) Sapphire Scepter's + NormalMob Tsuru prontera 6 days ago
Dardan Crook (Vending) Sapphire Scepter's + FLEE ATK Dagge prontera 6 days ago
Castelano Crook (Vending) Sapphire Scepter's prontera 6 days ago
KessKess (Vending) Knotted / White Snakes / Glittering prontera 6 days ago
Ories (Buying) Ori aldebaran 7 days ago
Kassadie (Vending) Hats prontera 9 days ago
Kandie (Vending) Cards, Hats, Bow, Morpheus prontera 9 days ago
Zenyy (Vending) <Oridecon> prontera 10 days ago
Xel Smoll PP (Buying) b> karvo 50k prontera 11 days ago
Chi Chan (Vending) Cheap Soutane prontera 12 days ago
Stupido (Vending) XXXxxxXXX prontera 13 days ago
Glimjaw (Vending) Elem Resist Potions*~ prontera 14 days ago
Bossam (Vending) Ori's prontera 14 days ago
Buystuff3 (Buying) B>Oridecon prontera 14 days ago
Buystuff2 (Buying) B>ORIDECON prontera 14 days ago
Pinebark (Vending) 49K Shop! Clips, Boxes, etc prontera 15 days ago
Trader2 (Vending) ENDOW 20minns durashion prontera 15 days ago
abocbshop (Vending) 2HENDED prontera 15 days ago
Erynia (Vending) Pure Gear prontera 16 days ago
~AGI~ (Vending) Cards prontera 16 days ago
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