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Character Name Shop Name Map Opened
Astelia (Buying) Azure Crystals prontera 56 minutes ago
autotrade (Vending) Cards prontera 3 hours ago
Flame Heart (Buying) Flame Heart prontera 8 hours ago
Dealer (Vending) 500k prontera 15 hours ago
Vendor (Vending) Accessories prontera 15 hours ago
Lyblac (Vending) Hugel/EarthDragon/Taming/R.Leaf prontera 1 day ago
Dohter (Vending) Cheap Cards prontera 1 day ago
Great Nsture (Buying) Great Nature prontera 1 day ago
Vendredi (Vending) Shinies prontera 2 days ago
Verdureiro (Vending) +7 JURS prontera 2 days ago
Poor Jew (Vending) SWORDMACES prontera 2 days ago
Menine (Vending) +7 and Tridents (3) prontera 2 days ago
Marrie (Vending) random prontera 2 days ago
Shopogolik (Vending) Sell 2 prontera 3 days ago
Pereves (Vending) Sell loot prontera 3 days ago
Boiled Brain (Vending) All Sale prontera 3 days ago
Isidro (Vending) Cards sale prontera 3 days ago
Ories (Buying) Ori prontera 3 days ago
Anoku (Vending) Come Get Yer +10's! prontera 3 days ago
J Vendor (Vending) J's Vend | 1-3hrs of Farm at Magma prontera 4 days ago
Goopi (Vending) Goopi. prontera 4 days ago
Intel Melayu (Buying) Buy Hugel prontera 4 days ago
Erynia (Vending) Weapons. prontera 4 days ago
Finrond (Vending) SP & Cards. prontera 4 days ago
Elentari (Vending) Subjugations. prontera 4 days ago
Almanzor (Vending) Costumes. prontera 4 days ago
Dollarydoos (Vending) Niff drops prontera 5 days ago
NeedWhatYouGot (Buying) Karvo prontera 5 days ago
Pinebark (Vending) Dagger n Headgear prontera 5 days ago
Beano Vendo (Vending) Bean's upgrades prontera 5 days ago
touched^by^retpu (Vending) MVP and Bio Weps*~ prontera 5 days ago
abocbshop (Vending) RRB prontera 7 days ago
Trader2 (Vending) Skyfall prontera 7 days ago
~AGI~ (Vending) Paper card prontera 7 days ago
BudgetCuts (Vending) Various prontera 7 days ago
made in china (Vending) Sinx2 essence prontera 10 days ago
SpafShoppen (Vending) Sell prontera 10 days ago
Mercantile (Vending) CT|Ama|Lou|Ein prontera 11 days ago
BargainBin (Vending) Taming items prontera 11 days ago
Verkoper (Vending) MVP drops prontera 11 days ago
GotWhatYouNeed (Vending) Card Revolution prontera 11 days ago
Bippa Renbo (Vending) Exquisites Only*~ prontera 11 days ago
Glimjaw (Vending) Cheap Elem Proof pots! prontera 11 days ago
Bean0 Vendit0 (Vending) Bean's Jello + Mod Boxes prontera 13 days ago
Beano Vendito (Vending) Bean's Upgrades - Perfect Bio3 Whip prontera 13 days ago
Rabbit-Ribbit (Buying) B> Trunks prontera 4 months ago
Longin (Vending) Shop izlude 1 year ago
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