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  1. Greetings Adventures, We are currently understaffed and looking for active people to be one of our Ragnarok: Project Zero family members, slaves staff. Although the positions that we are looking for are currently volunteer based, we will require anyone selected to have a considerable amount of time dedicated to the position given to them. Please keep that in mind during all the stages of the application process, make sure that you are willing, and that you will be able to commit to a position before applying for one. Also know that applying to become a GM does NOT guarantee that you will be selected. Asking any staff member for assistance when answering any of the questions on your application WILL result in disqualification. Follow all of the instructions when applying, details are important. Do not skip steps or cut corners, we will overlook your application as a result. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Do I need to be 18 years of age or older to apply? Yes, it keeps our lawyer happy. How many hours do I need to work?! There is not set limit, but this is NOT just a "do it when I feel like it" thing. By applying to be a GM, you are saying that you are willing to ACTIVELY make time in your day to meet various GM-related responsibilities for as long as possible. List your availability based on your regular life--not on your breaks or vacation days or anything else. Moreover, if you don't have the time or will to dedicate to a position, then it's better not to apply. What is availability, and how do I fill it out? Essentially, it is the amount of time per day/week that you'd be willing to devote to GMing. Just because you're free, that doesn't mean you'll be GMing automatically. You should also take into account things like traveling time, meals, study time, family or social time, etc. You need to be realistic over the long term with this, because if you put you are available to GM 80 hours a week, we'll be assuming that you're simply unable to make realistic assumptions and will be overlooked. Do I have to stop playing my current character/account? At the moment, no. However, if you get accepted as a GM, most likely your time on your legit will plummet, and you will have to distance yourself from your friends or guild a least a little. GMing always comes before regular playing, no matter how hard you want to WoE at the time. Thus, if you are extremely active in your guild/with your friends and are unwilling to put that second in your RO life, you should not apply. However, if we find your performance as a GM unsatisfactory, especially because of your legit, we will simply remove you from the staff. also since this is said, being a GM means you can't be a leader, or in a lead position in any WoE Guilds, Casual guilds are excluded from this rule. How much time do I need in order to properly GM? If you're logged into RO in any capacity, you are expected to be ready to GM. It's pretty hard to say because of that, since some days are busier than others. But basically, consider it similar to being a receptionist. After you finish your basic duties and paper work, you can be at the desk doing whatever, but as soon as someone steps foot inside the building, you need to attend to them. Whether you consider your idle time as GMing time is up to you. We're not going to give a concrete requirement because that varies widely with the job, and we try our best to be flexible. Are there any other requirements to be a GM that I may be unaware of? Aside from certain secret special things we look for, you must be fluent in English and willing to type at least semi-properly, this is an English speaking server, so that is a MUST--it is also a must to successfully complete the application. Moreover, you should have a fairly clean slate. That is not to say that if you've ever been warned or banned, ever, we won't accept you, but having a history of being drama bait, being disrespectful, being inflammatory, or otherwise breaking rules will make us hesitate rather hard to hire you. It would also help if you knew RO, especially the gameplay of Zero. How many positions are you looking to fill? We generally hire as many people as we can that fit all required criteria. There really isn't a hard cap, if your application is solid and you ace through the interviews, we'll hire as many qualified people as we can. How much will this position pay? GMing is it's own reward a volunteer position and we do not offer monetary compensation. When will I be notified that I have been selected to be a GM? If we choose to hire you, you will know at the same time as all the other new hires. Don't use a fake email for this, because you will be out of luck. Application Information: To apply you can fill the form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oi-eijLniKJ8680P37-Eobh18mLacUdwwzSCiwSAJiM The application deadline is 4th of January 11:59PM UTC
  2. Greetings, The following announcement will indicate the changes to the initial WoE (weekend 14th and 15th of November 2020), the times won't be final yet a new feedback topic will be opened on Monday. Please note that at this point no castle resets is expected. treat it as normal WoE cause it is! 🙂 WoE Time Saturday: 13:00 to 14:00 (1PM to 2PM), castles remain unchanged Sunday: 20:00 to 21:00 (8PM to 9PM), castles remain unchanged Treasure Chest Treasure chests will be changed to drop memorial dungeon items and refine items as the economy increases more items is expected to drop. At first the normal memorial dungeon items drops it doubles on every 5 points of economy: 6 ~ 20 Shimmering Crystals 2 ~ 16 Azure Crystals 2 ~ 16 Crimson Crystals 0 ~ 6 Jello Shard Box 0 ~ 6 Mythril Ore 1 ~ 2 Cursed Emerald 1 ~ 2 Sea Sapphire 1 ~ 2 Bloody Ruby Second the refine items, at 10 points of economy the box will have chance to drop the following items every 10 points after the first 20 will double those amounts, and every 20 points of economy will double the chances 1 Blacksmith's Blessing Shard (at 5%) 1 Refine Box (at 5%) 1 Blacksmith's Blessing (at 5%) 1 Enriched Eluminum (at 5%) 1 Enriched Oridecon (at 5%) 1 HD Elumium (at 5%) 1 HD Oridecon (at 5%) Please note as the amounts doubles the chance to drop changes to a random amount, say for example at 30 Economy Points it has chance to drop 1 ~ 2 Refine boxes at 10%
  3. Ema

    [Poll] WoE Times

    Hello, Poll results noted and now will be moved to public and extended to 12th of November.
  4. Ema

    [Poll] WoE Times

    Hello, We updated the polls to closes on the 9th of November.
  5. Greetings, Every year Extra Life (https://www.extra-life.org/) organizes a fundraising for children's hospitals and this year Ragnarok: Project Zero would like to help! So how would Project Zero join? we created a team at Extra Life that fellow streamers can join at https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=54906. We will also hold a special stream on Game Day on the 7th of November. Players can help raise funds by: donating on our team page, donating to any streamers on our team or really donating to anyone. That being said, donating to our team directly or to the streamers on our team will mean a few perks. Right now we have a goal of $1000 by the end of the 7th of November, with a few tier goals and prizes. $250 - All players get 1 box per MA containing 5 of each available Zero special foods $500 - Emily returns back for 2 weeks (the buff NPC from the launch event) $1000 - Players will be able to also choose a costume out of 3 exclusive costumes for this event; more on those costumes will be announced later For streamers By joining our team and streaming for the fundraiser, you will receive one special costume: an Extra Life logo for your character! We realize that our announcement comes kind of late, however when it comes to charity it's never too late. Please consider donating to all of the children's hospitals that are truly in need of charity during this current pandemic. Update 1: As it was not clear, we will set the rewards once the final stream on the 7th of November is over, the rewards itself will be released with the soonest maintenance Update 2: The following is the costumes that will be available if we reach the 1000$ goal, all players will be able to pick one of them!
  6. Hello, kindly email [email protected] for such inquiries.
  7. Hello, According to our ToS its one account per natural legal person, in-case of children i assume they're your parent therefore they got your permission. Therefore, they're allowed to have a master account each, however its highly recommended not to open 2 master accounts from the same computer.
  8. Ema

    [Poll] WoE Times

    Greetings guild leaders, This is a poll in regard of suggested WoE times, please note that we aim for the following two days: Saturday Sunday We also aim to cater to both NA/SEA, europe generally will have both times fitting them (God bless geo locations), the goal is to have Saturday fitting SEA since they're ahead of time therefore any time on Sunday may conflict with the next day which is a working day, this means Sunday is expected to fit NA players. From the poll you may pick as many choices as you see fit to your guild, please chose wisely you may also discuss with other guild leaders in this topic before casting your vote, keep in mind that the votes ends on the 12th of November. ALL TIMES IN THE POLL IS IN UTC+0 PS: Please note this poll will be used as a guide for the final decision and the results might not reflect the final decision.
  9. Greetings Adventurers, We think it's finally the time to start preparing for WoE for a variety of reasons: it will help our ingame market to grow, PvM content will be expanded with the addition of Guild Dungeons, and it'll give end-game players some content to compete for. For these reasons, we think it's wise to move up this update and make it next on our Roadmap. Guild Dungeons Prior to WoE, we will be releasing updated Guild Dungeons. Guild Dungeons can be entered by all players for a Zeny fee, while those who hold a Castle can enter for free. Releasing them a little before WoE will give people new PvM content as well as the chance to farm a bit for new PvP gears. Guilds Wanting To Participate Prior to WoE starting we will need to decide a number of things and make certain preparations. For all guilds that are planning to participate in WoE (even if unsure!), please have your guild leader send an email to [email protected] with the following information: Subject: WoE Participating Guild Body: Guild name: Approximate number of participating players: Status: (Either ready, preparing or willing to join WoE) Interests: (PvM, Casual, WoE) Choose as many as you want Timezones: Pick the timezones that fit your guild the most, either Europe, North America or SEA Discord handle: PS: You have until October 31st to send in the above information, any emails sent after October 31st will not qualify. WoE Test We are planning to hold a test WoE session some upcoming weekend (exact date to be announced). This first WoE session will be purely for testing, so there will be no rewards. This is mainly to catch as many bugs as possible in order to have as bug-free of a first WoE as possible. Time Polls About a week before WoE is released, we will put out time polls based on the emails we receive from guild leaders (see above, "Guilds Wanting To Participate"). Guild leaders will only be able to take these polls. They will be responsible for casting the votes that best fits their guild. We will announce the results mid-week before WoE. PS: We will only give voting rights to those guilds who sent an email, as described above. We hope that WoE will be a clean and competitive arena for players. New community guidelines will be released as well to ensure that WoE will not introduce any toxic behavior. Good luck and have fun everyone! We hope to see you ingame!
  10. Greetings everyone, Today we come to you with an opportunity to help both the Project Zero team as well as other players by opening up GM applications. The main tasks would include the following: - Handling support queries and reports in various forms (email, Discord, in-game) - Reacting to ongoing incidents in a timely manner and resolving them - Keeping an eye on global channels - Holding events in various forms - Brainstorming with the rest of the team - Bonus: If you speak another language, keeping an eye on the respective language channel on Discord and lending your support there as well If you feel like you can both handle and enjoy the above, please fill out the application form: https://forms.gle/xdjK2fqWBPQj25obA The applications would be open for a period of 2 weeks until 10th of September 23:59 server time. Thank you all for your interest in our server!
  11. Greetings everyone, Below you will find the final proposal, with just one small adjustment to BSBs from the second one. Thanks for the feedback! Previous item drop nerfs & Card-based drops We will revert the item drop rate nerfs made in beta (https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/blob/master/changelogs/2020-04-06.md) back to 5x, as well as raise item drop rate from card-based drops to 3x (from 1x at the moment). This is both to give players more places to acquire zeny, as well as making the cards in question (e.g. Myst Case, Mimic, etc) more satisfying to use. We have had a close eye on the economy and our various zeny sinks and feel like this would help players without being "too much" for the economy. Blacksmith's Blessing This item is usable from +7 upwards and preserves your upgrade level on failure (i.e. if you upgrade from +7 to +8 and fail, it stays +7). You will be able to buy them from an NPC or combine two BSB Shards into one full BSB. Thus, the BSB recipe will require the following: - 5m zeny - 1 Mythril Ore - 20 Oridecon - 20 Elunium OR - 2 BSB Shards BSB Shards will be dropped by the following: - All Champion monsters at 1% - Payon/Geffen/Desert Fever monsters at 0.03% - GH Fever (once released) at 0.05% BSBs are supposed to be a farmable and tradeable commodity that can be traded and vended to other players - having them available with the recipe puts a cap on their market value, creating a competitive market for dropped BSBs. This will help in keeping zeny moving within the economy, whilst removing less of it in the long term to help revitalize a stagnant buyers' market. Refine Boxes (No change from our initial proposal) As previously mentioned, these are only obtained through Gelstars on kRO Zero. We would instead offer them for 4m from an NPC. As these are entirely new items for us all, let us explain what they do - They are consumable items that randomly refine an item of your choice to a random refinement between +5 and +10, with no chance of breaking. An important thing to note is that they can also *downgrade* items. These are the chances for the different levels of refinement from the box, from the kRO Zero website: * First column is refine level and second is chance to obtain it We hope that these changes will improve the economy, as well as encourage players to refine items that are hard to obtain. Second proposal under the spoiler:
  12. This was a temporary error during maintenance its all fine now.
  13. Changelogs for Patch 1.0.1 Changes Loots from Memorial Dungeon treasure chests now drop at a random order to ensure fair share when using party share. Arrows are no longer automatically unequipped when weapon changes. Implemented QoL update in Christopher Guillenrow in Blacksmith Guild. Now hammers can be bought in bulk. Added cooldown to public channels: main: 5 seconds support: 5 seconds trade: 5 minutes party: 1 minute Implemented instance re-warp feature. Now when players disconnect or crash while in a Memorial Dungeon instance, they will be warped back to instance as soon as they are logged in. However, this won't happen if the player waits for more than 3 minutes or the player was dead on disconnect/crash. Updated Elunium/Oridecon ore converter to convert all in inventory. Improved Flee penalty to be closer to Zero, further adjustments might be required. Implemented Zero Vending Taxes Items under 10k zeny 0% Items above 10k zeny 2% Items above 100k zeny 4% Items above 1m zeny 6% Items above 10m zeny 8% Items above 100m zeny 10% Corrected the following sage skills: Advanced Book (Study): Now it adds 4 mystery ATK per level Dragonology: Increase damage and tolerance against Dragons and ignore Dragon MDEF to be 3 per level. Earth Spike: Increased SP consumption to 14, 18, 22, 26, 30 Change Element (All skills): Changed success chance to 55 + ((INT + Base Level / 10) + (Base Level - Monster Level and now its duration is infinite. Corrected Knight Brandish Spear attack ratio. Now it hits all monsters with the same attack ratio regardless of their position. Corrected Blacksmith skill Maximize Power. It should no longer block SP regeneration. Corrected Grand Cross. It should hit all monsters, even stacked ones. Implemented per city vending areas to clean up the cities a bit. Implemented @whobuys and in the control panel buying stores database. Implemented the new instance drops bonuses. Check for more information. Fixes Fixed a memory violation in @ws/@whosells which caused map server to crash. Fixed Kingdom Shoes missing slots. Fixed Blacksmith job change allowing players under base level 50 to change jobs. Fixed a stuck dialog in Archer NPC in the Criatura Academy. Fixed Sage test exit warp warping to Juno instead of Geffen, causing players to get stuck. Fixed Umbala language quest requesting items dropped in Amatsu. Now it correctly asks for 10 Huge Leaf. Fixed Hunter Blitz Beat dealing higher damage when auto-casted. Fixed Oak Mace not giving 80 MATK. Fixed Thor's Flame random exchanger not being able to detect input items. Fixed Sonic Blow autospell stopping players after being cast. Fixed Brandish Spear calculating the AoE on Knight instead of target, causing it to miss in many cases. Fixed fever field armor defense against monster element bonus. Now it should apply correctly. Fixed vending shops not removing auto traders on disconnect and/or rewriting over ghost entries, which caused many incorrect market values. Fixed fever armors dropping with increase healing skills instead of received heals. Old armors will be changed in the coming maintenance. Fixed HD Ore chances. It was proven in both Renewal and kRO: Zero that ores before +10 use premium chances while post +10 uses normal chances. Fixed Plagiarism. Now it should give the ASPD bonus 1% per level. Fixed Shield and Shoes showing as costume in @showrare output. Fixed incorrect NPC cut in in the cooking quest in Criatura Academy, which caused players to crash.
  14. Hello, I'm writing this replay to let everyone know that we're taking our time analyzing all feedback given in this topic before we come out with a second proposal, and also answering to any concerns mentioned in any of the feedback given. Thank you!
  15. Greetings everyone, We would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their thoughts on our proposal! The general consensus seems to be that everyone approved of our initial idea, but loot distribution is an issue especially in public parties - this is why we have combined your ideas to improve on the previous proposal. This is what we have settled on: Changes to party bonus (No change from our initial proposal) Easy Mode: Currently we have a static increase in drop amounts of Easy Mode dungeons. We're proposing it to be similar to how Hard Mode works which is 10% increase starting from 3rd member for a total of 200% increase at 12 members. Hard Mode: We're proposing to change the drop amounts bonus to be 20% increase starting from 3rd members for a total 300% at 12 members, that's up from 200% for the current setting. Party guaranteed drops (No change from our initial proposal) We're proposing for both Easy and Hard mode that unique parties starting from 6 members and more would have all drops guaranteed - that means for example taking Orc's Memory dungeon and applying the changes for drop amounts bonus into account: Easy Mode: a party of 6 or more will have a guarantee to drop at least 1 of both pieces of equipment (Subjugation Armor/Subjugation Sash) Hard Mode: a party of 6 or more will have a guarantee to drop at least 1 Cursed Emerald Party guaranteed drops We have decided that, on top of the normal loot that drops on the floor, every party member will be guaranteed a drop directly into their inventory. On Easy mode, this will be one Zero-exclusive item, whereas on Hard mode, it will be two. The tables below show the various drop percentages and how we arrived at this ratio based on their existing drop rates from the treasure chest: Poring Village We're proposing that for unique parties of 4 or more to change the jello shards dropped per member from 1 ~ 2 to 1 ~ 3 and for unique parties of 6 or more to changed to 2 ~ 3 shards per player. Additionally, shards will also be delivered directly into players' inventory to make sure everyone gets their share. We would also apply the Easy mode drop bonus to potions to aid newcomers, as they tend to do it in big parties. Lastly, we are randomising the the drops from the treasure chest to work better in conjunction with the Party Share setting. We hope that these changes will improve your game experience and make Memorial Dungeons more fun and worthwhile! Initial proposal behind the spoiler:
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