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  1. @azimpetra Thanks a for compiling this list! please DM in discord 🙂 i can give you a full list of the options to double check/correct it if anything.
  2. I'd suggest asking players around in our discord channel in the #min-max channel! 🙂
  3. Hello, we apologize for not answering for this long, please note that our forum is not that active it's better to contact us through the discord support channel or [email protected] for nvidia, optimus is notorious for breaking with Ragnarok Client we'd suggest to play on the intel graphics card instead as it really doesn't hurt performance that much you can however contact me on discord to try to troubleshoot it together we might be able to work it out. PS: I play using intel graphics on my laptop in WoE scenes with over 300 player in screen and it doesn't really cause FPS drops etc. with 2 4K monitors being rendered with the intel graphics card at the same time.
  4. Disclaimer During beta period some specific systems might be not working as intended, not working at all or abusable, for any abusable bugs found we will ensure all of it effect is reverted back and if necessary rollback characters. This update was focused on bringing new content Fixes Novice combination kit (Obtainable at the novice academy) is now functioning as intended. Reverted a change from Hercules which caused various skill errors. Alchemist books are no longer discountable/overchargeable Swift Champions would no longer teleport Fixed Champions always dropping 2 optioned gears, they should instead drop 2 optioned gears with a slight chance for it to be 1 optioned Fixed Champion spawns in the following maps cmd_fild06, mjolnir_09, pay_fild04, prt_fild02 Fixed Crazy Uproar having no cooldown now it correctly have 30 seconds cooldown Exp penalty for lower level monsters is restored Content Jerdis from prontera regional quests have new regional quests, help him getting corn and you may get a very nice buff. Champions would not despawn after 15 minutes from last attack, giving the chance to respawn them again. Skill and Status reset cooldown is now reduced to 12 hours, this is only effective during beta. Fever Fields Fever fields are a much stronger version of monsters we already know and love, don't get fooled by their appearances trust us they do hurt. You can identify those fields by their red warp portals. In fever fields monsters drops new items and even better options, normal monsters drops armors and weapons with up to 3 options, first 2 options is guaranteed while the third drops at random chance. For boss monsters armors and weapons drops with up to 4 options, 3 of them is guaranteed while the 4th drops at random chance. In this maintenance we've introduced those 3 fever fields, and there's still more to come. Implemented morocc fever field (moc_fild17) Introduced the following new monsters Desert Frilldora Desert Sandman Desert Hode Desert Phreeoni To spawn dessert Phreeoni you need to kill 10000 Desert Hode Introduced the following new items Desert Leather Armor Desert Leather Robe Desert Leather Suits Desert Leather Boots Desert Leather Sandal Desert Leather Shoes Implemented Geffen fever field (gef_fild02) Introduced the following new monsters Dark Orc Warrior Dark Orc Lady Dark Orc Baby Dark High Orc Dark Orc Archer Dark Orc Hero To spawn Dark Orc Hero you need to kill 10000 Dark High Orc Dark Orc Lord To spawn Dark Orc Lord you need to kill 10000 Dark Orc Archer Introduced the following new items Orchish Dagger Orchish Blade Orchish Smasher Orchish Mace Orchish Staff Orchish Cleaver Orchish Bow Implemented payon fever field (pay_fild06) Introduced the following new monster Dark Willow Dark Mandragora Dark Stem Worm Dark Spore Introduced the following new items Oak Armor Oak Sword Oak Stunner Oak Mace Oak Staff Oak Leaf Dagger Oak Leaf Robe Oak Stem Bow Oak Stem Suit Skill Balances Zero has introduced a lot of skill balances to second job skills to fit better into the renewal environment, we have implemented all skill balance update till before Trans was released in kRO:Zero. Knight ASPD In addition to skill rebalances Knights will benefit of a reduction of Two handed sword penalty by 10, this mean you will roughly gain 10 more ASPD points when a Two handed sword is worn compared to before this patch. Two Hand-Quicken In addition to it original bonus Two Hand-Quicken now adds an additional 10% ASPD with its original ASPD buff. It also adds: * 2 + 2 * skill level Crit * 2 * skill level hit points Bowling Bash Bowling bash base damage formula has stayed the same however additional bonuses and number of hits has been changed, first thing gutter lines is removed and replaced by a simple 5x5 AoE. The skill now hits for 2 times, however if worn with two-handed sword and hitting 2 or more monsters you will hit 3 times and if 4 or more you will hit 4 times. Effectively making you hit at 2000% ATK with 4 or more targets. Variable cast time was removed and Fixed cast time stays as it is at 0.35 seconds, in addition 2 seconds of Cooldown was added, and the amount of knockback tiles was changed to depend on the level. Level Knockback Tiles 1 1 2 1 3 2 4 2 5 3 6 3 7 4 8 4 9 5 10 5 Brandish Spear The irregular aoe of Brandish Spear has been adjusted to a simple square in front of the caster, the following picture explains the different damage tiers and attack ratios. Level ATK (1) ATK (2) ATK (3) ATK (4) Attack Ranges 1 120% - - - 1 2 140% - - - 1 3 160% - - - 1 4 270% 180% - - 1 ~ 2 5 300% 200% - - 1 ~ 2 6 330% 220% - - 1 ~ 2 7 420% 360% 240% - 1 ~ 3 8 455% 390% 260% - 1 ~ 3 9 490% 420% 280% - 1 ~ 3 10 562% 525% 450% 300% 1 ~ 4 SP amount has also been doubled up to 24 Blacksmith ASPD In addition to skill rebalances Blacksmith will benefit of a reduction of Two handed axe penalty by 3, this mean you will roughly gain 3 more ASPD points when a Two handed axe is worn compared to before this patch. Adrenaline Rush In addition to the original bonus an additional 10% ASPD bonus was added, also the buff now gives 5 + 3 * skill level hit Over thrust The skill weapon breaking chance was removed, in addition the ATK% buff to other members of the party was changed Level ATK% (Self) ATK% (Other) 1 5 5 2 10 5 3 15 10 4 20 10 5 25 20 Forging Blacksmiths received a very powerful buff to their forging ability, on any level 3 or higher weapon they forge will get random options and the amount of your options depends on your ranking Rank Amount of options Non-Ranked 3 10th ~ 6th 4 5th ~ 1st 5 Priest ASPD In addition to skill rebalances Priests will benefit of a reduction of shield penalty by 2, this mean you will roughly gain 2 more ASPD points when a shield is worn compared to before this patch. Suffragium The limit of using it only for 1 cast is removed and now it can be used for as long as it duration, it now also casts on whole party including the priest casting it too. The global down is reduced to 0.3 seconds, 1 second casting time is added, 0.3 seconds fixed cast time is added, 60 seconds cooldown is added and buff duration is increased to 60 seconds. Impositio Manus Now it casts on whole party including the priest casting it too, it also adds MATK beside its original ATK bonus it's also no longer a mystery bonus and will show in your status window. The global down is reduced to 0.3 seconds, 1 second casting time is added, 0.3 seconds fixed cast time is added, 120 seconds cooldown is added and buff duration is increased to 120 seconds. Magnus Exorcismus This skill has been totally revamped to give priests more chance in being more involved in PvM, the skill now attacks all type of monsters not just Undead and Demon, also Undead and Demon will receive an extra 30% MATK damage using this skill now. The cast time is reduced to 3 seconds, fixed cast time is reduced to 1 second, global cooldown reduced to 0.3 seconds and ground unit duration was reduced by 1 second for all levels. Mace mystery Beside its original bonus it now also adds 1 crit per level, please note it's a mystery bonus therefore it won't show up in your status window. Crusader ASPD In addition to skill rebalances Crusaders will benefit of a reduction of Two handed spear penalty by 2, this mean you will roughly gain 2 more ASPD points when a Two handed spear is worn compared to before this patch. Spear Quicken In addition of its original bonus an additional 10% ASPD was added. Grand Cross The feedback damage on inflicted on the caster was removed now you will only spend 20% of your remaining HP for each cast. Cast time is reduced to 1 second, Fixed cast time is reduced to 0.5 seconds, Global cooldown is reduced to 0.3 seconds and 1 second of cooldown was added. Shield Boomerang The skill formula was changed to ((80 * skill level) + Shield Weight + (Shield Refine * 4))% ATK A cooldown of 0.5 seconds is added and global cooldown reduced to 0.3 seconds. Monk Size modifiers Knuckle size modifiers was changed to Small 100% / Medium 100% / Large 75% ASPD In addition to skill rebalances Monks will benefit of a reduction of shield penalty by 2, this mean you will roughly gain 2 more ASPD points when a shield is worn compared to before this patch. Chain Combo Skill ATK% ratio was changed to 250 + 50 * skill level ATK% in addition knuckles now hits with double the damage and hits for 6 times. The SP consumption was also lowered to the following table Level SP 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 5 9 Combo Finish Skill ATK% ratio was changed to 450 + 150 * skill level ATK% The SP consumption was also lowered to the following table Level SP 1 3 2 4 3 5 4 6 5 7 Blade stop (Root) The skill duration was set to 10 seconds regardless of the skill level and boss type monsters can now be affected but only for 2 seconds. The global cooldown is lowered to 0.3 seconds and a cooldown of 2 seconds is added. Finger offensive The skill now will hit for 5 times regardless of it skill level, the ATK ratio was modified to 600 + 200 * skill level ATK% and casting it on rooted enemy will increase it damage by 50%, the skill would also consume 1 Spirit sphere regardless of it level. Reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and 1 second cooldown was added. Investigate Changed damage ATK ratio to 100 * skill level and using it on rooted enemy will increase it damage by 50%. Reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds. Asura Strike Asura strike would only require having 2 spirit spheres when used in combo. SP Restoration debuff duration is reduced to 3 seconds. Assassin Sonic Blow The damage attack was adjusted to 200 + 100 * skill level ATK% it also deals 50% more damage for enemies with 50% or less HP. A cooldown of 1 second was added. NOTE: The skill is supposed to have it animation delay removed however this requires a newer client therefore it's not yet possible, we're going to have this update ASAP. Venom Splasher Adjusted damage formula to 400 + 100 * skill level ATK%, removed the Red Gemstone requirement. In addition to this the cooldown and bomb delay was changed to the following. Level Cooldown Bomb cooldown 1 12 11 2 11 10 3 10 9 4 9 8 5 8 7 6 7 6 7 6 5 8 5 4 9 4 3 10 3 2 In addition Poison React doesn't affect the bomb damage any longer. Rogue ASPD In addition to skill rebalances Rogues will benefit of a reduction of shield penalty by 2, this mean you will roughly gain 2 more ASPD points when a shield is worn compared to before this patch. Intimidate Learning intimate increases your ASPD by 1% for each level learned. Slightless Mind The damage formula was changed to 100 + 150 * skill level ATK%, the debuff hit limit was removed and the debug damage increase changed to 30% on normal targets and 15% on boss. The SP cost is lowered to 15. Backstab The damage formula was adjusted to 300 + 40 * skill level ATK%, it also hits twice if you're using a dagger. The skill would also teleport you behind your enemy and can no longer be used while hiding, the skill also no longer ignores flee however on every level you learn 1 hit will be added to the hit calculation. SP consumption is reduced to 16. Mage Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt and Napalm Beat. Cooldown is adjusted to 0.7 seconds and global cooldown is adjusted to 0.3 seconds. Thunder storm Cooldown of 1.7 seconds is added and global cooldown is reduced to 0.3 seconds. Soul Strike Cooldown of 0.9 seconds is added and global cooldown is reduced to 0.3 seconds. Frost Drive Cooldown of 1.2 seconds is added and global cooldown is reduced to 0.3 seconds. Fire Ball Cooldown of 1.2 seconds is added and global cooldown is reduced to 0.3 seconds. Wizard Meteor Storm Lowered cast time to 7.5 seconds, lowered global cooldown to 0.3 seconds and reduced fixed cast time to 1.2 seconds. Cooldown was also adjusted based on level. Level Cooldown 1 1.7 2 2.7 3 2.7 4 3.7 5 3.7 6 4.7 7 4.7 8 5.7 9 5.7 10 6.7 Lord of Vermilion The number of hits was increased to 20 hits, global cooldown is decreased to 0.3 seconds, blind duration is changed to 30 seconds * skill level and chance to 10 + 5 * skill level% Cooldown, Fixed cast time is also changed based on level. Level Cooldown Fixed cast time 1 6 1.52 2 5.9 1.44 3 5.8 1.36 4 5.7 1.28 5 5.6 1.2 6 5.5 1.12 7 5.4 1.04 8 5.3 0.96 9 5.2 0.88 10 5.2 0.8 Storm Gust The damage formula was changed to 70 + 50 * skill level MATK%, Cooldown of 4.7 seconds is added. Also the pre-renewal behavior of the skill is restored. Cast time and fixed cast time is also changed based on level. Level Cast time Fixed cast time 1 5.1 0.75 2 5.2 0.80 3 5.3 0.85 4 5.4 0.90 5 5.5 0.95 6 5.6 1 7 5.7 1.05 8 5.8 1.10 9 5.9 1.15 10 6 1.20 Jupitel Thunder Decreased fixed cast time to 0.5 seconds. Cast time is also changed based on level. Level Cast time 1 2 2 2.2 3 2.4 4 2.6 5 2.8 6 3 7 3.2 8 3.4 9 3.6 10 3.8 Earth Spike The damage formula was changed to 200% MATK, a cooldown of 0.7 seconds is added and global cooldown reduced to 0.3 seconds Quagmire Added cooldown of 0.7 seconds and reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds Heaven's Drive Added cooldown of 0.7 seconds and reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds Fire Pillar Increased the splash range from level 6 and onward to 3 cells, the requirement of Blue gemstone is added again, added cooldown of 0.7 seconds and reduced global cooldown to 0.3 seconds. Sage ASPD In addition to skill rebalances Sage will benefit of a reduction of shield penalty by 2, this mean you will roughly gain 2 more ASPD points when a shield is worn compared to before this patch. Endow Blaze, Endow Quake, Endow Tsunami and Endow Tornado Catalysts was changed to the Point items which can be purchased from Geffen City and Geffen Tower, the skill can no longer fail and it now increases magic attacks of the same element as the endow. Fixed cast time is also reduced to 1 second and 1 second of cast time is added. The skill duration time has been edited as the following Level Duration in seconds 1 600 2 900 3 1200 4 1500 5 1800 6 1800 7 1800 8 1800 9 1800 10 1800 Volcano, Whirlwind and Deluge Lowered cast time to 3 seconds, fixed cast time to 0.5 seconds and changed catalyst to Blue Gemstone Land Protect Lowered cast time to 3 seconds and fixed cast time to 0.5 seconds. The duration was also changed based on level Level Duration in seconds 1 120 2 165 3 210 4 255 5 300 6 335 7 370 8 405 9 440 10 475 Magic Rod Added cooldown of 0.7 seconds and global cooldown is adjusted to 0.3 seconds. Auto spell The skill trigger list was adjusted new skills can be used the full list is: Fire bolt / Cold bolt / Lightning bolt / Soul strike / Fire ball / Frost diver / Earth spike / Thunder storm / Heaven's drive The level of the triggered skill is no longer random and it increases Depending on the skill level you learned / 2 with maximum of level 5 Adjusted auto spell trigger chance to 2 * auto spell skill level NOTE: The current client cannot handle more than 7 skills in the auto-spell list, due to this some skills just Volcano It now also increases the MATK of targets inside. Adjusted increase formula to 5 + 5 * skill level. Hunter ASPD In addition to skill rebalances Hunters will benefit of a reduction of bow penalty by 1, this mean you will roughly gain 1 more ASPD points when a bow is worn compared to before this patch. Land Mine, Blast Mine, Claymore Trap Fixed cast time is removed and cast time changed to 0.5 seconds. Blitz Beat The damage no longer splits over enemies and it scales on AGI and DEX Alchemist Demonstration The damage formula was slightly buffed up, it also receives a bonus from Learning Potion skill depending on it level Weapon breaking chance has been changed to 3 * skill level% The skill also recieved a new damage formula Acid Terror Now it shows damage as 5 hits and damage formula was changed to 200 * skill level ATK%, it also receives a bonus from Learning Potion skill depending on it level. Armor destruction chance has been changed to 5 * skill level The skill also received a new damage formula
  5. Hello, The server is located in France 🙂 welcome abroad ^^
  6. Ema

    Suggestions guidlines

    Greetings Everyone, These suggestions guidelines come in as a result of suggestion #33, which caused enormous drama both in-game and on discord, other than an awful time for everyone from the staff to the players debating it. Additionally, we would like to apologize for having made a hasty decision to implement arealoot, which is too big of a change to be implemented this fast. As such, we decided to publish these new guidelines and revert the changes until the discussion has met these new qualifications. 1- Where to discuss and debate suggestions Our GitLab tracker is the only place to discussand debate suggestions and feedback. The reasoning behind choosing GitLab over other available platforms is the following: Discord is a place for instant messaging. It's not an archive nor a place where a single topic can be seamlessly discussed, it also doesn't integrate well with our development environment. The forum is generally fine for discussing topics, but it's not often checked by developers and will never be. It also doesn't integrate with our development environment and would require additional work on our part to manage both platforms. GitLab simply integrates with our development environment. Opening new issues or commenting doesn't require any technical knowledge, it's as simple as opening a new topic on the forum or any similar platforms like Reddit. With this explained, GitLab simply is supreme compared to other options we have. 2- Suggestions flow and decisions Flow and Conditions of suggestions New suggestions that are based on older suggestions, without any new rationale or challenge to the previous decision will be considered a duplication and closed on the spot. New suggestions should always have full explanation of the suggestion, rationale behind it, expected effects on the server both on the long and short term and full reasoning and research behind it, otherwise it would not be considered serious and aced by the staff with no further discussion. Once a suggestion fulfill the previous points, it's now up to debate by the community. Each suggestion should be debated for a minimum of 14 days period since initial time of opening the GitLab issue. Comments should be reserved for challenges of the suggestions, aiding comments should only be added if a person wants to add more and new aiding points to the original suggestion. Challenging comments should come with reasoning otherwise they will be hidden and not considered by the staff. Staff reserves the right to extend the discussion as seen fit, for any period. It's player responsibility to gather community members around his suggestions. If a suggestion is not challenged, aided or discussed at all by whatever populations and not seen acceptable by the staff, the suggestion would be considered abandoned after the initial grace period of 14 days has passed. Staff Decision THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY, we will consider what's best for the server on a short and long term, and if it fits our vision of the server. Staff would either accept, decline or challenge a suggestion. They will always provide their rationale behind decisions. After the staff accepts a suggestion, another grace period of 7 days is added for the community to further challenge it before it's implemented in our server. 3- Player behavior and discussions outside of the designed channel Any discussion outside of GitLab will not be considered by staff for their decision, no matter how good is your reasoning behind it. Any flaming, trolling or uncivil discussion regard an open or closed suggestion will be punishable. You might get muted, punished out of the specific platform or terminated altogether from Project Zero. Respect that others might have different opinions, they might agree or disagree and it doesn't matter if you like their reasoning or think they're stupid. Any discussion on other platforms that reaches a specific limit as seen fit by staff, might be asked to stop and forwarded to GitLab. Any further discussions after this might be and will be punishable on that platform. You may still ask people to check out your suggestion and/or link to it when others discuss or ask about similar issues or ideas. Now with this said I apologize again for the rushed decision. This guideline should set things straight and give much more transparency over the workflow of future suggestions. Good luck and have fun playing Project Zero.
  7. Greetings Adventures, It recently came in King Tristan III's mind the discovery of a new technology called the Television, which can broadcast a live image and sound directly to the citizens houses all over the realm of Rune-Midgard! In an effort to create new content to broadcast through this technology for the entertainment and enlightenment of the realm citizens, King Tristan III has decided to start a new cooperation called "Midgard Broadcast Cooperation", which will be the one taking care of creating and broadcasting contents to the citizens while being rewarded for their effort. Midgard Broadcast Cooperation Membership The Midgard Broadcast Cooperation membership is an effort from Ragnarok: Project Zero to create a partnership program with players who are interested in streaming our game. As we're approaching the beta phase and seeing an interest in streaming the game, we've decided to announce this program a little bit earlier than expected. It will offer benefits for streamers as they achieve specified goals, and for their viewers as they watch their streams. While the partnership system is still under development and shall be finalised before our grand opening, here's a list of what to expect: For streamers Exclusive costumes given upon achieving certain goals Highlights in our social platforms and on our Discord for your streams If you're a stable streamer and have fixed schedule for Ragnarok Project: Zero streams, you will also be a part of our official stream schedule announced in our website and social platforms For your viewers Giveaway codes to give through your streams for your viewers to enjoy in-game items or free services The goals for streamers will be set on viewers peak, view amounts, streaming hours in a period and overall, streaming daily strikes and few other factors. As you achieve different goals, you will be given different exclusive costumes and as you achieve all goals you will unlock the one and only ultimate streamer costume! 😉 Currently, as the system has not been finalised yet, you may join the Midgard Broadcast Cooperation and all of your progress during beta will count towards your progress when the final draft is announced near the server grand opening. How to join? Joining The Midgard Broadcast Cooperation Team would mean you're a streaming partner of Ragnarok: Project Zero, therefore you need to meet a few requirements to join: You must be an established streamer, already have few subscribers and streamed for a while, the actual amounts of subscribers or streaming hours doesn't matter as long as there's enough content for us to see the type of content you publish. You mush be willing to stream Ragnarok: Project Zero at least once a week That's it, pretty simple is it not! 🙂 If you think you can meet those requirements, please send me an email to ema [at] playragnarokzero [dot] com using the same email you used to create your master account, including some information about you. You can use the following template for the required information, but feel free to add anything extra! Name: You can use your real name or nickname it doesn't matter! Your Timezone: Please use a UTC time zone if possible Your streaming channel link: Games you've streamed for previously: Expected hourly stream amounts per week: Expected stream days and times: And feel free to add anything else you would like to mention Thank you for taking an interested in joining us, best of luck to everyone and have fun in the Ragnarok worlds!
  8. Greetings Adventurers, We're approaching the end of March and, as we promised, Ragnarok Project: Zero is going to open for beta testing. In this announcement we're going to discuss the plans for the beta and how you can join it. Ragnarok Project: Zero's beta is planned to be a set of gradual releases: this means that we will be hold frequent maintenances, releasing new content as players progress through the beta, allowing us to thoroughly test each part of the game. There will not be any wipes during the beta, this means any progress will be carried out to the grand opening later in April. How to join To join the beta you will need to create a master account and download our game client. Please remember that every person is only allowed a SINGLE master account, which can hold unlimited game accounts! To register a master account click here and to download the game click here. How will the beta work? The beta will start on the 31st of March around 21:00 (9 PM) server time (UTC). During the beta phase we will be doing frequent maintenances, where we will gradually release some of the planned content for the grand opening. This will allow us to thoroughly test each bit of content while our players are progressing through the beta. The beta is expected to last between 2 to 4 weeks as we see fit, to ensure our grand opening is as bug and issue free as possible. Any progress done during the beta will be carried on in the grand opening. Beta Prizes All of the beta testers will receive a nice handy box containing a set of items that will give them a kick start on the grand opening, as a thank for your hard work and collaboration with us during the beta testing. We will be sending those boxes to anyone who joined the beta and has created at least a single 2nd job character. We did not forget about people who like costumes! I mean... Who doesn't anyway?! Especially for you, we opened a forum topic where you can suggest three costumes you wish to see in game, from any official server, kRO, jRO etc. All beta testers will be able to choose one costume from a set of 3 costumes on the grand opening. If you would like to suggest some costumes, please click here to reach our forum topic for suggestions. Remember this is a beta and development phase We would like to remind you that this is a beta and development phase, which means many aspects of the game might not be as polished, bugs and issues will exist and things might not be as fast. This phase is only there so we can polish the ends and clean out as much bugs as possible. Additionally, during beta we will still run on development servers that might not give as great as a performance as you may expect. We will be moving servers to production servers right before grand opening, so any slowness experienced will be resolved for the grand opening. Good luck and have fun everyone, Ragnarok Project: Zero Management
  9. Greetings Adventures, As we announced, you will receive a costume of your choice as a part of the Beta Testing rewards! On Project Zero's official launch you will be able to choose between three different costumes, so we would love to let the community decide which costumes they would love to see in game! 🙂 You can choose any 3 costumes from any official server, including but not limited to kRO and jRO. Comment your suggestion under this post and we will take it into consideration. If you like the costumes suggested by someone else, give their comment a like/reputation up! The comments with the highest likes will be prioritized. Please keep in mind that suggesting any costume does not guarantee that it will be chosen. The staff might choose the costumes from a combination of different suggestions, or all from a single suggestion. Please include a picture and the official server name if possible! Good luck everyone, we can't wait to see your suggestions! Ragnarok Project: Zero Management
  10. Greetings Adventurers, As many of you may know, RO is notorious for multi-clienting: most, if not everyone, have at least two or three alts for forgers, support characters or our second hand farmer. This raises a new and critical issue, it's a pain to keep track of all accounts usernames and passwords, and to keep creating new ones is always a hassle and a painful experience. Sharing accounts with others is another huge issue: not only people could steal your account or items, it would also void your in-game support for such cases. But all of these issues are from the past in Ragnarok: Project Zero! We have a whole set of new systems built upon improving the quality of life for our players and ease of mind to solve this issues: our Custom Game Launcher, Master Account and Guest Accounts system! Master accounts A Master Account consists of a single unified account which holds your game, forum, wiki accounts and any future platforms added to our community under just one set of credentials. Every user is allowed to hold ONE single master account for all of their accounts, in-which they can create an unlimited amount of game accounts, which won't have a password of their own. Instead, players will login in through our launcher using their Master Account, select any of their characters or game accounts and then they will be logged in automatically in-game! To make your life even easier, our launcher has a "Remember me" option which keeps you logged in for a 30 days period before needing to login again through the launcher. Here's a demonstration to show how the launcher and login process works. 1- Player opens our launcher to login The launcher would show you the current game server status, current game update status and prompt you to update if necessary. Login window as shown in the launcher 2- After a successful login, you will be shown your current Character list and Accounts list, if you don't have any you will be asked to create one through our Control Panel. After logging in, simply click the "Play" button next to any account or character to open up our game client and auto-login. Character list as shown in launcher Account list as shown in launcher 3- If you're newly registered, you will be seeing this in account list and you will be asked to create a new game account using our Control Panel. You can simply click "Create new game account" which will redirect you to the appropriate page. Account list as shown in the launcher when no accounts exists yet Guest Accounts Sometimes we want to share some game accounts with our friends, guild mates or hold shared accounts for guild services. Sharing our accounts comes at great risk however: your account and items can be stolen, your characters deleted, etc. It also voids your game support, which means we would not be able to help you restore any of those or revert any actions done on these accounts. For this we introduce the Guest Account system: it allows you to share specific game accounts for a period of time with specific permissions and restrictions. To create a new Guest Account you need to login to our control panel, go to your game account page, select an account, enable a Guest access to it and then choose your restrictions, time limit and password for this game account. Your friends will be able to access this game account through the Guest login tab in our launcher. Guest login creation on our Control Panel Guest login on our launcher And this is how our Master account, Guest Accounts and Launcher work! We hope these features will be of interest and ease of mind for our players, we're looking forward for our first beta in late March and we thank you for taking interest in our project! Good luck and have fun everyone, Ragnarok Project: Zero Management
  11. Ema

    Hello Project Zero!

    Greetings Adventurers, Today we would love to announce a new world and a new adventure of Ragnarok and we're inviting you to join us! Ragnarok: Project Zero is a Ragnarok server based on the Korean version of the game "Ragnarok: Zero", in its core Zero version aims to mix the authentic experience of Ragnarok Online with some elements of the modern MMORPGs. Our server is planned to have its first public beta release on late march 2020 with grand opening somewhere in April 2020, you can know more about our vision, ideology, server features and many more by reading the rest of this announcement! 🙂 What is Ragnarok Zero? Ragnarok Zero is fundamentally a Renewal server without 3rd Jobs, and the skills of the 1st, 2nd and Transcendent Jobs are reworked to fit in the Renewal environment. Beside original content, Zero also re-introduces new content and systems in an episodical manner, keeping Ragnarok fresh and interesting while preserving its authenticity. That said, we would like to note that Zero is not RE:Start. While RE:Start is a more of a cheap Renewal server with 3rd jobs disabled, Zero's aim is to reintroduce all of Ragnarok's content with a fresh feeling and a clear rebalance as timeline progresses. Goals and aims for Project: Zero Project Zero is a Ragnarok server aiming to provide a true MMORPG experience for both casual players and most competitive players, to build a healthy community and a chill atmosphere, to provide an environment where casual and RP players can enjoy their activities and competitive players can enjoy hard days of grinding and thrilling guild clashes. Server environment and content updates Project Zero is going to be a low rate server with projected rates (x5/x5/x5)* with periodical episodes updates which are planned to be 2 to 3 months period for major updates, and roughly 1 month for each minor update. More detailed information on rates is to be announced later. Custom content The server aims to give the most authentic experience with a mild customizations which purely aims at improve players experience instead of custom for sake of custom, for example we will be enabling serval at-commands, global channels (as in #main, #trade etc.), handpicked player palettes, hair styles and hair colors. Competitive and Casual environment To ensure an equal environment for both competitive and casual players all of PvP content (for example God likes) would be only usable in WoE/BG and PvP areas. User experience improvements Project: Zero aims on improving user experience to the fullest; it will include both in-game changes, website and tools. Master account system and Game Launcher We're introducing the Master Account system and Game Launcher: you will no longer need to handle tons of game accounts, because you can keep them all under one set of credentials! You will be able to simply login with your Master account through the Game Launcher and choose any of your game accounts and you will be automatically logged in! Guest account system With master account we will also introduce Guest account system where users will be able to share one or some of their game accounts with time limits and account restrictions like access to storage, move of item etc. Control Panel The Control Panel will offer many options to easily manage and use your accounts, and also discover game content. You will be able to control your account: managing preferences, chat settings and having a full overview of your account. Additionally, you will be able to search for items and characters inside your Master account and/or specific game accounts. The Control Panel will also fully feature a map, item and monster database, and you will be able to search for vending or buying shops. Cash shop In the Cash Shop you will be able to buy costumes, consumables and refining ores. Paid refining ores will also be available to forge from non-paid content, so paying players will not have a serious advantage and it will be possible to play totally for free. In other words, the Cash Shop is non-profit: it's there for any player who wants to contribute to the game's development and help us hire people, pay for hardware and services and perhaps buy ourselves a cup of coffee as well. Release plan We're planning to have our first public beta by late March 2020 and Grand opening somewhere in April 2020, our first release will include all base release content of Ragnarok Zero and first major release of Zero which was released on January 2018 in Korea in which it have the following content. 1st & 2nd jobs with maximum base level 99 and job level 50 Items nerfing and buffing including the new MVP Card effects, the new refining bonus for armors and the new enchants system. Content wise we will have a punch of regional quests, new novice ground, fever fields, poring village and the following original RO content Cities: Prontera, Geffen, Payon, Morocc, Comodo, Aldebaran and Alberta cities, fields and dungeons. Dungeons: Clock Tower, Turtle Island, Glast Heim Instances: Prontera village, Orc memories, Prontera Underground way water, Ant hell Floor 1, Sunken ship And this should be a simple overview of what we will have in the coming up days we will release more announcements with further information on Zero and Content we will also make sure to have a wiki containing all of those valuable information by the grand opening! Thank you We would love to thank you for taking an interest in our project! 🙂 we hope you decide becoming one of our family members and we're for sure looking forward for the great times we will have in Project Zero! ^^ Keep looking forward for new announcements and don't forget to register now, join our community and finally make sure to take part in our public chat platforms like discord! Ragnarok: Project Zero Team,
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