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[2021-07-17] Changelogs

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Changelogs for Patch 1.5.1


  • Moved the stylist in prontera to /navi prontera 92/98
  • Attendance timer will now reset at exactly mid-night


  • Storm Gust and Cart revolution now pushes enemies backward instead of always East
  • Corrected Brandish Spear AoE it's now one line less
  • Corrected Dancer/Bard Ensemble skills range between partners to 4 cells on each side (total of 9x9), previously was around 20x20.
  • Corrected an issue causing newly uploaded emblems not to show in the control panel

Cash Shop

The following new items themed around Malangdo will be available until next maintenance, we're also introducing a new cash shop service "Character rename", the coupon can be used and then consumed and character name changed using character selection window.

  • Available until next maintenance
    • Costume: Black Cat Bag
    • Costume: Eleanor Wig
    • Costume: Cat Ear Hat
    • Costume: Cat Ear Hat (White Version)
    • Costume: Sleeping Cat Hat
  • Permanent Additions
    • Costume: Black Cat Hoodie
    • Costume: White Cat
    • Costume: Leaf Cat Hat
    • Name Change Coupon


This coming august is the official launch anniversary! Two big things are coming, feel free to guess!

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