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There are some problems with:


  • Dead Branches (they are on Misc instead of usables and cannot be used)
  • Missing tps on Maps
  • Items cannot be sold on NPC at right prices.. for example every weapon/armor cost 10 zenny which makes hunting and getting profit quite hard, i guess it must be the "individual values/stats added on each item" (+atk , etc)


I didn't find any place to set this message... if this is not the place forgive me

Best Regards

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Hello JackFrost!

Firstly, you can report bugs in Project Zero's bug and suggestion tracker over at GitLab: https://gitlab.com/ragnarok-project-zero/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker as it eases the developers' workflow! You need an account but it's quite easy to use and there even are templates you can follow.

Regarding your reports:

1- Dead Branches are currently disabled since it would spawn mobs that aren't implemented/accessible yet.

2- Feel free to note the maps where those are missing and report them on GitLab.

3- The selling prices are adjusted according to kro:zero's ones, thus it's not a bug.

Thanks for reporting though, we appreciate it ^_^

Good luck and have fun on Project Zero!

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